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Zion Clark – A Wrestler Without Legs

“No Excuses”

This is what is tattoed on the back of Zion Clark, a 23 years old wrestler. Zion Clark was born with a rare medical condition known as Caudal Regression Syndrome. This syndrome affects the development of the lower Caudal region of the body due to which a person can be born without having lower limbs i.e. legs. 


Image Credits: Zion Clark (big_z_2020) Instagram

Zion Clark was born without legs and he was given for adoption soon after his birth.

He spent most of his childhood in various foster homes and schools. His childhood was quite disturbed as he was bullied during all the years he spent in foster care and could not fit into the environment very much. He does not like to talk about his childhood even now. 


He did mention that he was bullied and spanked many times in his childhood.

Image Credits: Zion Clark (big_z_2020) Instagram

Zion liked wrestling since his childhood and after being motivated, in second grade, by his art teacher who was a wrestling coach as well, he got seriously involved in his passion for wrestling. He started taking part in the school wrestling team and he almost lost all of his Junior year matches., but with determination and constant training, he made to the semi-finals in his senior year. Even though he lost the match but he gained so much name and respect from this match.

Explaining his earlier years in wrestling, he said:

"When I was really little, the first few matches, I didn’t know what to do and neither did my opponent. ‘Some kids were scared to wrestle me, I was scared to wrestle them. I didn’t know what I was doing."


Image Credits: Zion Clark (big_z_2020) Instagram

Zion is now adopted by his foster mother Kimberli. He now enjoys a full family lifestyle and he has the biggest support system available for him. Zion credits his positive approach towards life to his mother Kimberli. Talking about their relationship he said:

"The relationship with my mum is fantastic. She is the greatest woman I know."

He has worked really hard on his passion for wrestling and he is aiming to become one of the world's best freestyle wrestlers with the goal of joining the Olympics one day. 

Image Credits: Zion Clark (big_z_2020) Instagram

It is not just wrestling that he has taken seriously and won. Zion is also a participant in Wheelchair race, and in the year 2016, he won the 100 meters and 400-meter race and not just that he also came on the third position in the 800-meter race.

He has also won many wrestling matches and he still trains hard to improvise his freestyle wrestling technique.  

Image Credits: Zion Clark (big_z_2020) Instagram

Zion was also premiered in a Netflix documentary name Zion, which came live on August 10, 2018. Other than that he was also invited to the Ellen Show that he proudly mentions in his Instagram Bio.

With over two hundred and thirty followers on Instagram, Zion is doing nothing less but majorly inspiring others to be the best example to the world. The only message that he wants to generate through his mediums is to not give up and work with whatever you have.

Image Credits: Zion Clark (big_z_2020) Instagram

With utter love and passion for wrestling, Zion has nothin but a sportsman spirit and never-ending strength that will help him accomplish every dream that he has.

Zion Clark is a beautiful story that every mother needs to tell their kids when they are feeling down or giving up. 

“Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.”
 Roy T. Bennett

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