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You are too ugly to post selfies online – The Cyberbullying Has Taken A New Low for Melissa Blake

Melissa Blake is a well known freelance writer, she has a blog of her own and has written for very well known websites online. Blake 39 was born with Freeman Sheldon Syndrome, which is a genetic condition where deformities of face as well as contractures of knees, hands & feet can occur & it requires several surgeries to help improve the condition. 


Melissa Blake pictured in childhood. (Image Credits: Melissa Blake Instagram)

Melissa had to go through almost 26 surgeries since her childhood. But she never let her disability come in way of her future and success. She completed her graduation in Journalism & started writing weekly columns in newspaper & after five years, she started working as a freelance writer. She writes on various topics related to journalism, people with disabilities & relationships as well. 

Melissa Blake posing for a selfie. (Image Credits: Melissa Blake Instagram)


Recently Melissa faced worst side of Cyberbullying, where people started being mean to her, when she made a post again Donald Trump’s behavior. Melissa handled every hater patiently, despite them being very insultive & unreasonable. But then there was someone who told Melissa that she should be banned from posting her pictures online because she is too ugly to take and post selfies.

This is probably the most worst comment that any of us can expect from a close person or even a troll on the internet. 

These things are hurtful to every person either they are disabled or not but they are being hated just because some people cannot tolerate that this specific person is so confident & successful. 

But how Melissa Blake responded was wonderful. She gave an outright response to these trolls and posted three selfies right awsy on twitter saying:

During the last round of trollgate, people said that I should be banned from posting photos of myself because I’m too ugly. So I’d just like to commemorate the occasion with these 3 selfies… ????

Melissa Blake’s Response to her haters on posting her selfies. (Image Credits: Melissa Blake Twitter)

After this incident Melissa took a vow to post one selfie every single day for the whole year & that was probably the best decision made by her.

Melissa Blake’s smiling beautifully for a Selfie. (Image Credits: Melissa Blake Instagram)
Melissa mentioned that posting selfies was not easy for her, as she feared more haters will try to come at her. But she still went for it, & after sometime she realized that this was a best decision as it helped her feel more confident about herself. The writer explained her experience once again as a caption in following words:

“I’ve struggled with self-confidence and becoming comfortable in my own body and with my disability. Learning self-love is a lifelong process, something that I’m constantly practicing and will be for the rest of my life!”

Melissa Blake posing for a post on topic of Relationships. (Image Credits: Melissa Blake Instagram)

Melissa did not only firmly stood up against her haters, but she is also a woman who is not only batteling fight against disability but also advocates relationships matters for people with disability. she wrote a beautiful article for Good House Keeping mentioning how she felt that disable people always stay back on relationships thinking they might not be attractive enough to others. Every single word of that writing touches the heart. And we must say that she is right, even people with disability have needs for a romantic relationship and a partner.

On a post related to relationships, Melissa said:

One of the most straight-up ableist things I hate is how people assume that disabled people aren’t interested in romantic relationships. Or even worse, that we’re not worthy partners. It’s the EXACT reason I wrote an entire Glamour essay about it.

From talking about journalism, having a firm opinion and the bravery to write against any thing she feels is not right to getting educated and beating all the odds despite her disablity, Melissa has set an example for not only disable people but for every normal person as well. 

Melissa Blake posing with an article about her on newspaper. (Image Credits: Melissa Blake Instagram)

Melissa if you ever come across this article, we want you to know that you are  the most inspirational person one can ever encounter on the internet. You made it possible to look at someone from the inside before looking at their physical features. And just so you know, no you are not disabled, you are differently abled and an attractive woman. We will love to hear from you & see you grow and do wonderful in your career & personal life.

You can not imagine, how many kids will learn from you and stand up against their bullies. You have set a new way of life for people with disability as well as those without disability. We are proud of you and thankful to have you as a member of our society.

“You can dance in the storm. Don’t wait for the rain to be over before because it might take too long. You can can do it now. Wherever you are, right now, you can start, right now; this very moment.”

– Israelmore Ayivor –

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