Tinder Dating Gone Wrong – Man Dumped Girlfriend Right Before Her Moving In With Him After Quitting Her Job

Steph Gorton is a 29 years old successful professional having sold a successful past business in six figures income and now working on a new business coaching project that is serving her really well both mentally and financially.



Image Credits: Steph Gorton (stephgorton_) Instagram

"I thanked myself today for all I’ve done to be the woman I am right now. And it felt so unbelievably good. You can do hard things. You are beautiful. You are brave ❤️"

This was written in a caption of Steph's recent posts. When you will look at her she will seem like a successful professional who is living happily as a self-made businesswoman, but there is a deep struggle behind her success and she has been through a really dark space two years back. 


Image Credits: Steph Gorton (stephgorton_) Instagram

Steph met a man whom she saw as her Perfect Partner on tinder. Later on, he met her on his visit to Australia, where she fell for him more fondly. They both started dating as a long-distance couple and were so in love that they had already decided what to name their kids.

During this long-distance relationship, Steph was the one who was traveling frequently to meet her partner. She neither questioned him nor doubted him in any way during all this time period.

Then one day they both mutually decided to move in together. Isn't it the most perfect thing as a couple? When you know you two will be living together and build a future together as well.

Image Credits: Steph Gorton (stephgorton_) Instagram

After finalizing the decision, Steph who lives in Australia took the huge step to move 9000 miles away from her country in order to live with the love of her life. She was all excited and happy like any other girl will be. 

But things got twisted

After quitting her job of five years and moving her stuff from her rental place that she was sharing with a friend, she moved in with her mother till the day of her flight that was in four weeks. She even had some of her stuff moved in Scotland before making the final move. 

But four weeks before her flight, her lover disappeared

Image Credits: Steph Gorton (stephgorton_) Instagram

Steph tried to get in contact with him and when it didn't work she tried contacting his mother. During all this time, she could sense that something was not positive. Talking about this phase of her life, she said:

“In hindsight, there were red flags all the way through. It wasn't like it was the perfect relationship, there were trust issues... but I adored him. I thought it was love, and love 'wasn't supposed to be easy but you fight for it', That was my mentality."

But all her struggles and fights came to an end when finally two weeks before her flight, her lover called her to break off the relationship and asked her to not move in.

Image Credits: Steph Gorton (stephgorton_) Instagram

This is what Steph's Mr. Perfect Partner said:

"Steph it's just too hard, it shouldn't be this hard. If it's hard now, it's going to be even harder later. You're going to come over and have no friends and you'll just be relying on me and I am not in a good place financially right now. Let's just take a step back and give it a bit more time.”

This shattered Stephanie to the limits because he not only broke up with her but later on it was confirmed that he was seeing someone else during the time of their relationship.

For Stephanie, the most difficult part was going back to her job and telling everyone what happened, as they all bid her farewell knowing she was moving with the love of her life. 

Image Credits: Steph Gorton (stephgorton_) Instagram

After almost two weeks of sobbing and hurting, Steph finally realized that she should rather opt for a hobby. She joined flower arranging classes for some time and soon she figured out that she needed to do something like her own venture, hence she started House of Hobby as her new venture giving workshops weekly.

She did not even run it successfully but later on, she sold it in six-figure income and now she runs another Business Coaching venture which is paying her well and has given her the most confidence and stability.  

Image Credits: Steph Gorton (stephgorton_) Instagram

It's not the only business where her luck has gone to peaks, Stephanie has also found true love Tim Frey, with whom she is sharing a wonderful relationship.

Though things became quite well for Stephanie as she rescued her own self from her trauma, we will hereby warn every single one amongst you to be careful about online dating and long-distance relationships. You might not want to end up before making move with your partner who was in multiple relationships!

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