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Tiffany Wedekind 43 Was Not Supposed To Live Beyond 13 Years – A Rare Case Of Progeria

“I’m sitting here for the world to see me with no teeth because there could be worse things. I’m still alive, I have a lot of people that love me and they don’t care if I have teeth. I just want to live my life and smile again.”


Life never works around the time table that we want to design. Life sometimes turns anticlockwise and we have no way to shift its focus and speed but one thing that is in our hands is to make the best out of what life throws at us. Tiffany Wedekind 43 years old woman living with Progeria is such an example. Life and time threw a lot in her way, but she responded back in the most positive way and has become an example for the whole world.

Tiffany was born with Progeria, but she never knew was with this condition until she turned 20 years old and got diagnosed with it. Most of her symptoms also started to get extreme after her turning 20 years old. She started to lose her hair and her teeth started to degenerate as well which requires her to get them surgically removed. 


Tiffany was not the only person in her family with progeria, her brother and mother also had the same condition but the only difference between them and other cases of Progeria was that they all lived more than the life expectancy of someone with Progeria which is 7-13 years old.

Tiffany is 43 years old today and she is considered to be the oldest woman alive with Progeria. But as per Tiffany her mother also has mild conditions that were never diagnosed or her mother never realized that, therefore she considers her mother to be the oldest person alive with progeria. Tiffany's brother who had the same condition also lived more than the average expectancy age of someone with Progeria and died at the age of 39 due to an injury and weak heart to withhold with the recovery process.

Progeria Syndrome is also known as Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome, which is a rare form of the disease which causes the children born with it to age very quickly which usually begins to happen by the age of two years old.

Progeria has many symptoms but major symptoms include:

  • Slow body growth with low weight and small heights
  • Beaked nose, narrow face, and thin lips
  • Very visible veins
  •  Wrinkled and spotty skin
  • High pitched voice & prominent eyes
  • Hair loss from the whole body including eyelashes and eyebrows

Progeria also comes with health conditions like hearing loss, fragile bones, stiff joints, etc. Most people with Progeria have heart issues as a major condition and mostly they die with heart-related issues in their teen years up to the age of 13 years.

Tiffany is 4 feet and 5 inches tall and she weighs only 58 pounds. She suffers hair loss and she had to get her teeth removed.  Therefore the major symptoms that she showed included small stature, low weight, hair loss, and tooth loss. 

Tiffany who is now 43 has always spent a life full of happiness and content and she has always been very active. She came more prominently out when she appeared on Barcroft Tv talking about her condition. It has been one whole year for her since she opened up about her condition and today she has lost almost all of her teeth with only five left that needs to be taken out of her mouth surgically.

Her parents are really proud of her because she has come so far in her life and she now maintains to live on her own and has her own work.  

Tiffany owns two businesses, out of which one is making a candle with recycled beer and wine bottles. She started this hobby as a passion but it turned out to work so well that now it has become a small-scale business for her that she believes is her retirement plan and she loves doing it.

Tiffany talks about her condition now more openly because she wants to help other people with Progeria to know that they can do almost anything that they want to. Other than her personal efforts to raise awareness about this condition, Doctors are also studying her to figure out how they can help other patients with progeria to live longer than their life expectancy.

Tiffany's friends are extremely proud of her and whilst talking to sources they said that Tiffany was always someone who is there to help others. Before thinking for her own self she likes to think about others and helping others. 

Tiffany loves to stay happy all the time and her only wish is to infect the world with happiness wherever she goes and she certainly does that a lot with her presence on social media and in the lives of people around her.  She learned to live with her condition since her childhood herself and never let it define herself and it still cannot define Tiffany and her ambitions for the future.

Tiffany is currently on a different medication that causes her side effects like vomiting, diarrhea & stomach aches. But she is bravely and strongly standing fast on her path and successfully running her own business and living the life she loves and created on her own.

Along with spreading the message of happiness Tiffany now wants to use her social media presence to give people a new perspective on life and to want to tell them to live their lives now and enjoy every single moment of their lives without wasting time thinking they will do that in later years.

"The moment the sun opens up the sky, that’s where real love happens and the magic begins. Life starts the moment YOU’RE ready to shine! So every day, WAKE UP! and get out there! Be LOVE. Be LIGHT. ☀️❤️"

Tiffany has said it really right, our life begins when we take our stance to shine and we should wake up everyday and create our own light and use it to lit the whole world around us with happiness and love. 

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"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."

 Charles R. Swindoll

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