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This Woman Still Lives In The 1950’s

“I think everyone is weird in their own way. Everybody is nerdy about something and it might as well be something that you love.”

We might only think that time machines do not exist, but Laci Fay has really proven that we cannot only rely on the time machines to go back in time, by living in the year 1958 whilst we all are moving to end the 21st century. 


Laci Fay is a married woman who is not only a cat lover but a mom to a son as well. She along with her husband is living her life in the year 1958. From their car to their home and appliances, everything represents the 1950's looks and charms.

Lacy's obsession with the era 1950s started from hearing the stories of her grandparent's marriage and lifestyle from the late '50s. As per Lacy, their stories and descriptions always gave imaginations of colors, love, and that it was the best time and era ever.

She said that one day when she did her makeup and styling that represented the '50's, she just felt like she belonged to this era, and these looks and she never looked back again.  


She said:

“You should do what makes you feel beautiful, and dress however you want to dress that makes you feel the most like you.”

Lacy is also a YouTuber and she keeps posting videos of her house decor and her looks as well. Her husband told that whenever they go outside people cannot stop looking at her way of dressing and makeup look from the 1950's era.

Though Lacy and her husband have decorated their house based on the inspiration from 1958. But they both have still kept their home feeling like a home and not a museum. She says that she feels that it should look like any normal and beautiful house. 

They have also kept one room purely dedicated to their son, which he has decorated himself based on his own liking. 

In the beginning, it felt awkward to him seeing his parents buying vintage and old things to decorate the house, but with time it all became quite normal to him and he also enjoys shopping with them for vintage stuff. 

We have really enjoyed Lacy's outlook on life and she has done the era 1950 so beautifully that it feels like watching 3D lifelike movies from the old times. Her home is not the only beautiful thing that she has. It is about the whole personality that she carries with herself that makes others do nothing less than appreciating her efforts only.

What do you guys think about her lifestyle? If you know anyone who also has been stuck in the old times without a time machine and they are doing it wonderfully, do let us know!

What do you think?


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