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This Mother Of Three Has 99% Of Her Body Covered In Ink

Aleksandra Jasmin is thirty years old tattoo artist, who is a mother and a loving wife as well. Aleksandra has been addicted to getting her body tattooed from a very young age and she says that she got major courage to go for her full body modifications when she met her husband.

The year 2020 has been great for her because she finally got her last body tattoo, which ends the pain that she had to go through for consecutive ten years to get her tattoos done. 


But after completing all of these body tattoos that comprise 99 percent of her body, she still has a milestone that she wants to achieve in the future which puts her at a huge risk.

Aleksandra Jasmin wants to get both her eyeballs tattoed, which might put her at risk of losing her sight if it goes wrong.

She believes that she feels more comfortable with herself when her skin color looks like what she desires it to be.  


She always gets mixed reactions to her tattoos. Most people appreciate her and call her tattoos beautiful and pretty whereas other percentages of people do not behave really well with her choice of body modification. She also has suffered criticism and rude comments coming from people in front of her kids.

Her passion for getting tattoos really started when she was nine years of age and saw her parents getting tattoos. After that, she got hooked on the idea of getting them all over her body. She quite did not have the strength to get face tattoos at her young age because she was afraid but after meeting her husband, she said that they both boosted each other's confidence in getting their faces inked as well.

For Aleksandra, her mother has been the source of confidence as well. Her mother taught her how not to care about others when it comes to negative criticism. Whilst giving an interview, her  mother said:

"I love all of her tattoos, when I am looking at her, I am not looking at her tattoos but I am looking at my daughter."

Aleksandra does not regret any of the tattoos that she has gotten on her body and she believes that they describe her and her life.

She for sure looks beautiful with all those tattoos on her body. If you want to appreciate her or you wish to get a tattoo appointment, you can contact her directly. And do let us know how many tattoos you all have on your body and how many more you want to get in the comments section below.

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