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This Instagram Model Has World’s Biggest Cheeks

Fillers and cosmetic surgery has become quite a trend these day undoubtedly. We can hardly see any influencer who has not gone through a cosmetic surgery. From bold beautiful lips, thick eyelashes & faces with accentuated features showing you makeup tutorials to those faces who even look good without makeup because they have semi permanent makeup done surgically, cosmetic industry has left us amazed and hooked with new trends for sure.

Just like other influencers, a 30 years old Ukrainian instagram model, Anastasia Pokreshchuk fell for cosmetic surgery. She got hooked with the process so much that she can now not stop getting more injections and now has the world’s largest cheeks.


Anastasia Pokreshchuk before taking enhancement injections.
(Image Credit: Anastasia Pokreshchuk Instagram)

Anastasia Pokreshchuk was 26 years of age, when she got her first cheeks injections. After looking at the results, she fell in love with her look. Not just that Anastasia became so obsessive with the changes that she just could not stop herself from getting injections. She has taken so many injections till date that she now have lost count of the times she got injected & it still does not stop here.


Anastasia Pokreshchuk posing for a selfie in car. (Image credits: Anastasia Pokreshchuk Instagram)

Anastasia has also gotten injections for fullers lips and forehead. The most surprising part of this ongoing process is that despiteit being an alarming state and going so extreme for cosmetic changes, Anastasia thinks it is okay to take the risk. She does not only keeps getting the injections regularly but she now does the job of injecting her own self as well , which seems really risky to the audience that follows her. She has around 222 thousand followers on instagram.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk posing for a selfie. (Image credits: Anastasia Pokreshchuk Instagram)

Those cheeks that seem too big to almost every one amongst us, seem no bigger to Anastasia Pokreshchuk. She still thinks that they are smaller than she want them to be. Anastasia has stated that she will take more injections in future and make her cheeks more enhanced and a bigger size than her current cheek’s size.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk pouting for a selfie. 
(Image credits: Anastasia Pokreshchuk Instagram)

Whilst giving interviews, Anastasia Pokreshchuk made some statements, which have her followers & everyone around the world amazed. Some of those statements by the instagram model has been mentioned below:

  1.  “After I had the injections and saw the changes in my cheeks, I fell in love with them.” 
  2.  “I love them, I want them to look like this and I’m very happy. I regularly inject other parts of my face myself.”
  3.  “You may think that they are too big but I think that they’re a little bit small, I need to refresh them again soon.” 

Anastasia Pokreshchuk side pose pictured. (Image credits: Anastasia Pokreshchuk)

Other than recieving comments full of surprise & amazement, like any other influencer, Anastasia Pokreshchuk also gets loads of hateful comments that she claims she does not bother about. In an interview, the model talking about the hate she recieves online said:

“I’ve had people tell me I am an ugly b**** and that I should kill myself but when I see it I just laugh it off and ignore it.”

 Anastasia now also aims to get her boobs enhanced and go for the surgery, whilst talking about this decision of hers, she said:

“I want to get a boob job because nature didn’t give me any breasts at all.”

Anastasia Pokreshchuk posing for a mirror selfie. 
(Image credits: Anastasia Pokreshchuk)

Everyone has different dreams for themselves & every one desires to look unique. Anastasia indeed has made herself unique, but to everyone this seems a bit extreme and going against the nature of human body.

Despite all the changes that Anastasia has made to her body or intends to make in future, we wish that Anastasia Pokreshchuk does not harm herself in the process & we will also want everyone that no doubt her way of lifestyle & looks are weird enough for many but please be kind when commenting. We should never ask someone to kill themselves, just because they want to look a certain way.

We all lose when bullying and personal attacks become a substitute for genuine conversation and principled disagreement.

Alicia Garza.

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