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This Dachshund Was Almost Euthanized After Owners Let Her Tumor Grow To The Size Of Melon

Boo Boo is a ten years old dachshund breed dog. A tumor had appeared on the body of Boo Boo which started to grow with time. Its owners did not pay any close attention to that and let him stay like that for a very long time.

Image Credits: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

The tumor was ignored for such a long time that it had grown out to become the size of a watermelon. The poor dog was not even able to walk properly because of that. 


The melon-sized tumor that was coming from her belly area and it was constantly touching the ground and getting affected by that too based on the fact that the size of Boo Boo's legs was really small.

Image Credits: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Upon seeing the enlarged growth and his condition, rather than getting it fixed, its owners took him to a shelter to get Boo Boo euthanized.

This visit somehow turned out to be very lucky for the dog, as upon taking to the shelter, she got the attention of Sherri Franklin who is the founder of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, USA. Whilst explaining the condition of Boo Boo, she said:


“The tumor was starting to rupture just because it was hitting the ground. She weighed 12lbs and the tumor weighed 3.5lbs, so it was a third of her body weight.”


Image Credits: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue - Boo Boo After Her Successful Surgery

After some blood testing and observing his condition for two weeks, it was found out that the tumor was not cancerous and he could be treated right away and will be healthy to live for more years to come. 

Later on, the tumor was removed and Boo Boo was back to her health and an active dog again.

Sherry further talking about the dachshund after her treatment said:

"She is the happiest, sweetest, most engaged little dog. She is so full of life." 

Image Credits: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue - Boo Boo With Her New Owner Ashley Shuster

Boo Boo was in such great shape after surgery that she got adopted within just one week's time. Ashley Shuster is the new owner who loves the dachshund dearly and fell in love with it immediately. She said:

"She has a very adorable and loving presence. She is completely in my heart even though it's been such a short amount of time."

Life turned out really lucky for Boo Boo, but there are thousands of dogs either pets or stray, who face these health conditions and have no one to help them with their health issues. We should spread the word and help out even strays as much as we can. 

Kindness Never goes Unrewarded

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