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Things Every Dog & Its Owner Can Understand

When dogs were created, there was magic that was born. From cute endless energy to constant loyalty and making funny faces is all every dog is about.

With dogs and humans, there are certain facts that the dog buddies are entitled to in their daily routines and they are more than aware that their owners know it well just like they do. We are going to post such Living with the dogs’ facts, that every dog and its owner will relate to.


Let’s share some good laughs together!


  1. 1 Barking At Mailmen Is A Ritual So Dear To Us

  2. 2 Throwing Sad Tantrums That Make Human Sad As Well!

  3. 3 Always Acting Friends With Sneaky Strangers

  4. 4 One Can Never Leave Doggo Alone!

  5. 5 They Will Always Answer That Question!

    Image Credits: Dogs Memes (dogmemes) Instagram

  6. 6 Cannot Give Multiple Baths Right? Better Take Precautions!

  7. 7 Them Awkward Poses!

  8. 8 We All Get This Slightly tilted Head Smile Everyday

  9. 9 When They Grow So Big So Early

  10. 10 The Grumpy Grandpa Face They Make

  11. 11 They Never Like Hooman Loving Another Hooman!

  12. 12 When They Find Out Human Is All Theirs For Days

  13. 13 The Good Boy Vibe That Always Thrives

  14. 14 Grandma's & Their Food

  15. 15 Nobody Believed Us All!

If you will ask our favorites, then it is every singe time our doggos stand and smile upon being asked, Who is the good boy? & definitely barking at postman & squirrels but never barking at sneaky persons.

Which one is your favorite and your doggo's constant? Let us know in the comments section!

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