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These Ten Conscious Parenting Posts Will Take You To Self Realization

Parenting is not an easy job in this world. This must be the only job where you put all your mental and physical capabilities all your life and never get paid for it later on. But still, there are high chances of us inflicting wrong parenting choices on our kids. 

This is not only about you as a young parent or an expecting parent. You yourself might have been a victim of the parenting style that was not justified. Let us not confuse this with child abuse or physical abuse.


Sometimes parents do not realize but they are affecting the choices and personality of their kids badly with their style of parenting. Almost half of us are a product of an authoritarian parenting style and some of us are still suffering the circumstances inflicted by our parents in our childhood after all these years into our lives.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

It is not tough to reflect upon our past by looking deep into our own behaviors or outrage when our own children are torturing us with their tantrums or expressive feelings. We should always try to reach the root cause of that tantrum rather than becoming angry and shutting down their feelings by punishing them or making them quiet. 

This is exactly what Fiona is teaching people through conscious parenting coaching and via her Instagram posts.


Today we are going to share with you her ten best posts as per us and of course with her permission, which will not only make you ponder on your parenting style but also help you unconsciously to treat your ownself differently and improving for your own self and your kids. 

Let's Begin!

  1. 1 Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    Image Credits: Fiona Ng (happymeparenting) Instagram

  2. 2 Empathy Always Works Well Before Reacting

    Image Credits: Fiona Ng (happymeparenting) Instagram

  3. 3 Think About Your Child's Tantrum First Then Others

    Image Credits: Fiona Ng (happymeparenting) Instagram

  4. 4 Stop Breaking Their Trust

    Image Credits: Fiona Ng (happymeparenting) Instagram

  5. 5 Self Reflect & Break The Wrong Patterns Your Parents Followed

    Image Credits: Fiona Ng (happymeparenting) Instagram

  6. 6 Stop Shaming Your Kids In Public

    Image Credits: Fiona Ng (happymeparenting) Instagram

  7. 7 Think Of Them As Kids Not A Grown Up

    Image Credits: Fiona Ng (happymeparenting) Instagram

  8. 8 Do Not Choke Voices Of Your Children

    Image Credits: Fiona Ng (happymeparenting) Instagram

  9. 9 Sometimes They Need To Talk Back Rather Than Being Patient

    Image Credits: Fiona Ng (happymeparenting) Instagram

  10. 10 Your Kids Shouldn't Blame Themselves For Your Failures

    Image Credits: Fiona Ng (happymeparenting) Instagram

None of these posts require any explanation. They are deep and easy enough for you to get the grasp of conscious parenting or parenting in general. Some may have you reflect on your childhood struggles as a kid. 

If you wish to improve yourself, reflect upon your childhood and your parent's style of parenting and change that for your kids and talk with your own parents and take it all out because it will help you to be more clear and mentally healthy.

We appreciate the efforts of Fiona & will advise you to reach out to her page for more motivational and self reflecting posts.

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