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The Vampire Couple That Never Wants To Age

“If I would get the opportunity, I would turn into a vampire today, said Victoria Lovelace.”

Victoria Lovelace, who met her husband Dracul Grotesque some years back, has basically found true love in the form that she had always dreamed of. 


Since childhood, Victoria wished to become a princess which later turned into the dream of becoming a magical vampire princess. On the other hand, her husband Dracul Grosteque had always love white skin color since childhood and the most common part of this love story was that they both wanted to be vampires and live forever.

Victoria 31, is a makeup artist and a gothic model as well. She runs her youtube channel and now owns a makeup business named Lovelace Cosmetics as well, where she is currently trying to make an impact and people have been loving her products so far. 

Dracul 37, is a multi-instrumental musician who can play different musical instruments and loves to wear the black dresses only.


Victoria and her husband Dracul dress up as vampires daily. This is the first thing that they do in the morning. It usually takes 30 minutes for Dracul to get ready, whereas, for Victoria, it takes her around three hours to get ready as a  Magical Vampire Princess.

The couple that lives in Los Angeles desires to become vampires for real if given an opportunity. They both say that there will be nothing better than being able to live forever or fly like a vampire as Dracul said during the shooting for their documentary with Barcroft Tv.

As per Dracul the Hollywood has made the vampires look so attractive which is why they both are in love with the characters. They both understand that they are not real-life vampires but they love to dress up and live like one.

Victoria has even gotten herself permanent fangs many years ago and she just loves them. She says that fangs are a part of her fashion style. 

For Dracul, he thinks his style is more on the side of making it look ugly. He says that his wife Victoria is a really beautiful goth and he likes to play ugly looks alongside. He likes to find beauty in the ugly.

The couple gets both positive and negative criticism based on their looks when they go out on the streets. They just ignore the rude comments that people throw at them. Dracul and Victoria sometimes get called by mean words like Devil worshippers, but they tend to ignore it and carry forward with their passion and style regardless.

People do come to them to pass nice comments and take pictures with them as well. And they both love the attention and love being captured by others too.  

Isn't it truly said that true love will find you at the right moment and in the right place with the right person? Victoria & Dracul have found their perfect match and they both believe that true love will never fade away with time and they will keep supporting and inspiring each other with their fashion statements and lifestyle.

Well, we have certainly grown fond of their relationship and their fashion style. They might look different, but they look like what they want to be and we will like to support their journey.

Do you think they look cute together? If yes then let us know and follow the couple on youtube and Instagram to get more updates on them if you are hooked on their looks already!

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