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The 54 Years Old Body Builder Whose Biceps Are The Dream Of Every Man

“I would really love to somehow change the way women’s bodybuilding is perceived and treated. To see women bodybuilders on the cover of top magazines and win the same amount of money and prizes men do – after all, we all work hard.”

Yaxeni Oriquen belongs to Venezuela. She started her career as a model in her home country. Later on, after some time, she realized that she wanted to put on some weight as she found herself skinny, so she took bodybuilding as an option which turned out to be her greatest passion & profession as well.


After starting bodybuilding, she fell in love with weight lifting. She got so fond of it that she traveled to States in the year 1995 to start her career in bodybuilding. After coming to the USA, she also started to enter many contests and won many prestigious titles.  

Yaxeni wanted to achieve the title of Miss Olympia and after many years of trying to reach her goal, she received the award and reward of becoming Miss Olympia in the year 2005. It took her a good ten years to train hard to reach her goal. 

She felt really proud of winning the title and as per her, she thinks that she deserved the title.


Yaxeni believes that the most strong body parts on her are her legs and biceps and her biceps are really adored and appreciated by all of her fans. She is considered to have the most symmetrical biceps on a woman.

“Men stop me in the streets and ask me ‘How do I get arms like yours?’”  

After working for many years and competing in almost 50 contests and winning many titles, Yaxeni took retirement from her career in the year 2017 to work on her own business project. 

Yaxeni now owns a gym of her own in Miami where she works with her husband. She works as a personal trainer and believes that looking at her customers achieving their milestones makes her really happy. 

For Yaxeni, age really does not matter when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness. She is turning 54 and she has really not given up on her regular weight lifting and exercise routine.

After being in retirement for three years, she has now again taken a decision to come back in her professional life and compete for the next Miss Olympia competition and try to win this title for a second time again.  

Yaxeni said that she wants to enter the next Miss Olympia competition and win it to prove to her fans that age can never be a factor in achieving the goals one wants to achieve and she also wants to show her fans that she still has the same biceps that she had 25 years ago. Whilst talking to Barcroft Tv about this goal of hers, she said:

I’m going to be 54 years old now, I want to prove to my fans and the world that even at this age, I can still have the biceps that I had 25 years ago.” 

We are not really sure for everyone, but we have really loved Yaxeni Oriquen and our eyes are all set on the next Miss Olympia competition, only to watch Yaxeni win. She for sure has the most beautiful and symmetrical biceps and we cannot get enough of them. 

Do you love bodybuilding? If yes, then do let us know how much Yaxeni has inspired you to do more best, and even if you are not someone who adores bodybuilding, then let us know how this woman has inspired you to not let go of dreams and goals based on your age.

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