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The 3 Feet 3 Inches Tall Teacher Who Beat All The Odds

“What if we weren’t judged on the way that we looked? Maybe one day we all won’t be judged because we are different than everyone else. No one knows who you are and what you are capable of! Show them that firework inside of you!”

Beautifully written in a caption by 27 years old Megan Elizabeth, these words describe two emotions that Megan or anybody else with different abilities & medical conditions can experience. 

  • One being the despair of being in a world where people somehow see you awkwardly ignoring your capability that can outshine them any minute 
  • The second will be being the spirit of not giving up that will be the only thing to help you to move in this world with confidence and fight for acceptance like any other normal person.

Megan Elizabeth was born with Metatropic Dysplasia. This condition can range from being mild to even being life-threatening. Major symptoms include:

  • Short stature
  • Shortened legs and arms
  • Flattened bones of the spine
  • Restricted joints in the body
  • Different facial features for example having an underdeveloped upper jaw or prominent forehead
  • Issues with breathing 

Upon her birth, her parents had already figured that something was different with Megan and later on after consulting a genetic doctor they found out about her medical condition. The doctor told them that she was born with Metatropic Dysplasia which is a rare form of dwarfism and they also found out through a medical journal that she might not live to complete even the first year of her age which was both shocking and heartbreaking for the parents. 

"We took it just one day at a time & we made it to one year."


There are only 100 cases of Metatropic Dysplasia in the world that make it a rare condition.

Growing up Megan had to go through quite a tough time including having to hear rude comments and face bullying. But she made out of all this bravely and with the strong support from her parents and their love, she carried forward with her education and her passion of becoming a teacher which was also ridiculed based on her size and condition.

Persistence and constant determination lead Megan close to her goal and she completed her education and the goal of becoming a professional teacher. In her senior years of education, she also found some good friends who became her support and motivation as well. 

"There was no feeling like walking across that stage knowing that I did it! I was told many times that I wouldn’t be anything! I’m a teacher and I’m proud of it!"

In 2018 Megan Elizabeth achieved her goal of becoming a teacher which was the most pleasing experience of her life. But little did she know that she had to face more obstacles yet. After getting the certification the next obstacle was landing her dream job in a school. 

Most of the school districts denied giving her any opportunity until she landed her dream job at John Brainerd Elementary school. She was really happy because this school and its staff are really healthy and supportive and that is what makes Megan feel inclusive of everyone.

Megan's colleagues believe that she is really an inspiration and she brings the best out of the students. They believe that she does not realize it but her presence in the school itself has been an inspiration to every student and colleague of hers.

In her personal life, up to the age of 27 years, Megan had to get around 26 operations done on her majorly to adjust her body structure including getting her hips replaced, legs straightened & to fuse the bones in her neck. 

Megan needs constant support to bathe, do her hair, and daily chores like reaching up the table or countertops to grab stuff because she is not able to move her arms above her head as her movement is restricted. Currently, she takes help from her mother and uses a support stick to grab and open stuff around the house. 

For Megan, the hardest part of her life still remains the judgement that she gets from people.

"I think the hardest part is the judgement that I get. When people don’t know who I am, they look at me and they see somebody that is small and disabled and they don’t see the true person behind it."

Despite all the judgements and bullying that she received till middle school & still encounters it time to time, Megan has achieved a lot and she still believes that she will keep moving forward and do other things that people told her she cannot do.

Talking about her life journey to Barcroft Tv, Megan said:

“You should never give up on yourself. You need to keep positive and keep going, and you will achieve your dreams.”

And with that being said, she has given the whole world a lesson through her words. Nothing is impossible and one should never think that any physical body or medical condition can hinder them from achieving their dreams. Life is above the thought of giving up. 

If you liked this inspirational story of this beauty with brains who did not let her 3 feet 3 inches stature hinder her success, then upvote this article and share it with your family and kids to raise awareness and do not forget to give love to Megan Elizabeth on her social handles. 

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” 

 Walt Disney

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