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The 10 TV Series That You Can Never Hate

We all binge-watch various TV series, we like many of them but there are few which take a special place in your heart. These are the kinds of drama series that you just cannot stop recommending friends and family to watch.

Team Hfeeds is bringing you the top ten Tv Series that no one can dare to hate. We are quite sure that some of you must have not watched two or three from these series, but that is the perk right there! You will have something new to watch after looking at our list.


Let’s start the list and figure out how many of these you all love as much as we do!

  1. 1 Game Of Thrones

    Image Credits: IMDb Website

    An excellent depiction of the fights for thrones between nine families and another common opponent for them all that exists in the dark and has risen again. The mixture of bloodshed, supernatural events, and romance is really addictive and it might hook you to finishing it, sacrificing your meals or outing plans.

  2. 2 FRIENDS

    Image Credits: IMDb Website

    Oh! who doesn't know this series? A beautiful blend of friendships and relationships with a bond so strong. Almost everyone amongst us remembers numerous dialogues of this series and trust us if you are feeling really low or depressed, just start watching any episode, you will find yourself al fresh and happy within minutes of watching a single episode.

  3. 3 The Big Bang Theory

    Image Credits: IMDb Website

    This must be another series after FRIENDS that everyone remembers. A hot neighbour comes in the lives of four friends who are successful and intellectuals in the field of education and career but lack in their romantic life the most. 

    Slowly this new friendship turns their lives upside down but in a damn good way and every single episode can be watched over and over again without getting frustrated of it.

  4. 4 Supernatural

    Image Credits: IMDb Website

    Two brothers, who can see the supernatural beings present on the earth. Following the footsteps of their father, these brothers hunt down supernatural beings including demons, satans, and gods that are roaming the earth with bad intentions.

  5. 5 Desperate Housewives

    Image Credits: IMDb Website

    Lives of friends and neighbours who are living in a suburban area changes forever when one of their friends commits suicide. Finding the mystery behind her death and facing personal marriage issues everyone is trying to hold their lives together with dark secrets behind their doors, including murders, cheating partners and finding love in each other's partner.

  6. 6 Jane The Virgin

    Image Credits: IMDb Website

    The beautiful story of a Virgin girl Jane, who gets artificially inseminated with the sperm of a man she kissed years ago and is being thought of as someone special by religious bodies being pregnant as a virgin. From a devastating change in her life of becoming an unexpected mother to her journey of becoming a known writer, this series involves series of murders and mysteries along with beautiful moments of love and family ties that it just melts your heart and makes you giggle whilst watching it the whole time.

  7. 7 Once Upon A Time

    Image Credits: IMDb Website

    A beautiful story of a small town Storybrooke, where every fairy tale comes true. From snow-white and prince charming to Bella and Peter Pan, this series will take you to the ends of fantasy with such a beautiful story that you will never want it to end.  

  8. 8

    Image Credits: Website

    A Homicide detective finds out that he is a Grimm, a person who can see and hunt the supernatural beings that are living on the earth as human beings. These include various characters who can turn into half-animal or witches and not just that, it involves magic and major homicide mysteries with a beautiful blend of supernatural side to it.

  9. 9 Brothers & Sisters

    Image Credits: Website

    A Family drama that is revolving around the lives of brothers and sisters and the new mysteries to their lives. This series is such a beautiful depiction of a family that it will give you smiles and tears but at the end a realization that it was worth watching.

  10. 10 Kingdom

    Image Credits: IMDb Website

    The crown prince, whi is unaware of his father's mysterious condition, gets troubled by his step mother, who has unleashed a mysterious plague in the kingdom which is slowly eating the people alive and turning them into the waling dead. 

    Yes it is all about zombies but the fight for the throne and the deception and struggle of saving the throne from the wicked one's along with ending the Zombie Plague, this series is a new genre in the list of series made earlier on the same concept.

All these TV & Netflix Series are really attention grabbing series. You will be hooked to every single one of them. If you are someone who has watched all of these like us, well! let us know which one you like the best.

What do you think?


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