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Ten Halloween Makeup Looks From Instagram To Make Your Jaws Drop

We all love Obtober, Do not we? And what we love more than the Autumn vibes is welcoming Halloween. Undoubtedly, this year the Halloween will be different due to the major restriction based on the Covid Pandemic we all are facing worldwide, But Halloween has come at a right time like every other year to help us cherish moments and dress up and have all the fun even if it means staying at home.

It is indeed another time to lit candles and shop for pumpkins and carve them wonderfully before decorating them around your homes.


Image by Stock Snap from Pixabay

Everyone wants to celebrate Halloween regardless of the age. With the advancement of time and talent and an increase of influencers, we have thousands of people who give us major goals and inspiration looks for dressing up on Halloween. Either its a costume or makeup look, we all want it to look bit cringy than looking more glam.


Today Hfeeds will show you all ten makeup looks from different instagrammers, that might make your jaws drop and will be more on the side of scray than glam. Do not forget to appreciate the mentioned influencers & do not forget to comment and let us know which one was your favorite amongst all ten makeup looks or you can even share your own looks with us in the comments section.

  1. 10 Makeup Look No 10

    Simple yet such an epic picture. "Alice Gone Wrong" is the caption that the artist gave this image. We can totally see her depiction in this look at the very first glance. This picture is amongst our top ten list & it deserves to be here for sure.

    Embla Wigum you have made quite a point, We want more of these looks for sure!

  2. 9 Makeup Look No 9

    "Beauty & the Beast", this is what Embla Wigum captioned this picture. Yes Embla is getting second feature in the same post, but why not? This picture totally serves the caption indeed plus it deserves appreciation. The concept behind the picture and the details, verything is just wow.

    We are really appreciating you Embla Wigum, keep doing such great jobs!

  3. 8 Makeup Look No 8

    Alan Gormley is getting two features in our top ten halloween makeup looks list. She deserves it right? Well this picture might be really scary but the talent anf the effort of the artist is amazing. We cannot stop praising her ever, I think.

    You go girl!

  4. 7 Makeup Look No 7

    Tamsyn Ann named this look as Carnival Chaos, and we can not agree any less with that. It's glitz, it's glam but at the same time it is screaming Halloween.

    We love this Glamorous Halloween look Tamsyn, Welldone!

  5. 6 Makeup Look No 6

    Katie was bit offensive towards 2020 in her halloween look for 2020. But Katie, regardless of being tough on us, this year really turned out one of your best looks creation journey for Halloween.

    We love your work, cannot wait to see more splendind looks from you!

  6. 5 Makeup Look No 5

    This look is screaming perfection. The artist has done a perfect job & it needed to be a part of the list for sure.

    Very Welldone Shaul Rivas, We are proud of your work!

  7. 4 Makeup Look No 4

    This must be the the second cutest Corpse Bride that we have seen after the movie. We are  in love with this halloween look & the artist herself who has perfectioned the character wonderfully.

    Salem Shimkonis, you have outperformed with this look! 

  8. 3 Makeup Look No 3

    These Alien Vibes by Samantha will really make your jaws drop, like the person in the picture. We all need to start practicing on our Sfx makeup skills to be honest. Imagine going to a party like this & scaring the hell out of everyone for real. It will be really great indeed!

    Samantha Helen, we are waiting for more looks from you next year for sure!

  9. 2 Makeup Look No 2

    Well Well! What to say more than, it is making us cringe so bad. One can hardly enjoy their food  whilst looking at this picture with their eyeballs poked out with amazement.

    Welldone Alan Gormley! You have done wonders with this look.

  10. 1 Makeup Look No 1

    We are not kidding, if anyone from family or friends would come up on any Halloween party, dressed up like that, We will only wait for the party to end so that they leave and stop scaring the hell out of us right?

    This a job well done by the artist & we cannot wait for her to grow more with her talent.

    We hope that you enjoyed these looks as much as we did. We will share more halloween related amazing posts soon. Be prepared to get hooked onto the website for more fun & Entertainment.

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