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“Speak even if your voice shakes”, Said Dolly Everett (14 year old) before committing suicide

From being the face of a well known brand “Akubra” at the age of 8 years to having a beautiful, loving and supportive family, there still was something else that led Amy Dolly Everett, a 14 year old girl to take her own life & commit suicide. 

Amy Dolly Everett pictured by Akubra Hats for their ad campain. (Image Credit: Akubra)


This incident goes back to year 2018, it was just another day as a family for the Everetts. Dolly spent the day quite normally with her family. That day they all played cards game before going to bed, where Dolly won & not just that she made her signature dinner that night as well, where she cooked Steak, Coleslaw & Potato salad. Based on her mother’s observation, she seemed really normal that day & they could never figure out that she was spending her last moments with them.

Dolly Everett pictured in favorite color blue. (Image Credit: Tick Everett’s Facebook)

Dolly always had been a fun loving girl, who loved her life with her parents and spent most of her childhood on their bushland home. She was acknowledged as an adventrous, fun loving girls by her family who loved animals, butterflies & was friendly towards everyone. But things changed for Dolly, as her parents made a decision to send her and sister to boarding school for further studies. Circustances began to changed after Dolly moved to her new school at Warwick in Queensland.


Dolly Everett with Sister Meg & Parents (Image Credit: Mr. Tick Everett’s Facebook)

For every child or person, being away from parents will always make the home sick but excited for their new journey in life.

 For Dolly it was much more than that. Because she did not just get a chance to miss her family, but she was also constantly getting harrased and bullied both in school & online. Things escalated when she had enough of a boy bullying her and using bad words. Dolly hit him, due to which school suspended her & accused her for most part of the incident. As per Dolly’s parents, they agreed her reaction could have been an answer without hitting but why the boy was not given any punishment as he led her to get so frustrated that she reacted back. 

Akubra Hat Model Dolly Everett. (Image Credit: Dolly’s Dream Facebook)That was not the only incident that Dolly faced. She was suspended again few times & called a liar by the school when her parents tried to reach out to them and letting them know the behavioral changes of their daughter were due to someone else. They wanted them to take action against bullies but it all was in vain. One day her parents received an email from her which would make any parent devastated and broken. The email written by this 14 year old stated:

 “How long do I have to stay? Can I please leave sooner?”

“I started to panic because they were ganging up on me and I didn’t want to fight so I walked away,” “And one of them started screaming at me calling me a dirty slut, b***h and screaming about how I should kill myself and to go cut some more.”

 Dolly Everett in cheerful mood. (Image Credit: Tick Everett Facebook)

After this, Both Kate & Tick decided to pull her out of the school and seek counselling. But Dolly Everett was determined to go back to school. Recalling her old days her mother said in an interview that Dolly said: 

“I feel like I am not fitting in and I am used to fitting in”. 

After facing multiple suspensions, harrasment & Cyber bullying, Dolly was still convinced that she will beat the odds and make changes. She was getting better since the incident of her first suspension, she was getting selected in sports & doing better but things were totally not okay with her again after sometime. “Maybe she was putting a brave face all that time”, Said Kate Everett. 

Dolly’s parents Tick & Kate Everett pictured. (Image Credit: Dolly’s Dream Facebook)

As stated earlier. Tim & Kate Everett, who now run a charity named ‘Dolly’s Dream” to raise awareness against Bullying, mentioned that on 3rd January, 2018 they found Dolly normal. She was making dinner, played games with family and even made jokes on mother Kate Everett after beating her in cards game. The could never tell that their daughter was going to end her life.

Soon after dinner and cards game, both sisters Dolly & Meg went to bed & half hour past their bed time, Kate & Tik found Amy Dolly Everett life less. It was darkest night for the parents. They called for the help to reach them knowing that it will take three plus hours for help to reach them and meanwhile they could do nothing to save their little daughter. 

“There was nothing we could do,” said Tick (Father of Dolly Everett). “It’s the most horrible thing you, anybody, any parent … you just, you should never have to do that.”

Meg, Kate & Tim Everett on Dolly’s Funeral. (Image Credit: Caters News for Daily Mail Australia)

All the Everett family could do was to watch the lifeless body of Dolly knowing they have lost her. 

“I actually just laid with her for hours,” said Kate.

 “Cuddled up with her for hours and just, I just made a promise to her that, this wouldn’t be in vain … that I was so, so sorry that I hadn’t made better decisions.”

Last sketch made by Dolle Everett before her death. (Image Source: Kate & Tick Everett Facebook)

The 14 years old teenager left behind a sketch stating “Speak even if your voice shakes”. This was her last sketch & now this voice is reaching everywhere. Dolly Everett who was a child model of Akubra Hats & an adorable girl, whose voice could not help her whilst she was alive, has now been roaring everywhere in Australia & world. Her parents have kept her alive though Dolly’s Dream Charity & they won Local Heroes of the year award in 2019 as well. 

We must not forget that even though Dolly’s Dream is doing really great in helping teenagers & parents to combat their war against bullying and despite her parent’s winning an award, We can never makeup for their loss and for the loss of Dolly. As her mother said:

“She had so much to live for” 

If you are someone who is facing bullying, or if you know someone who is facing bullying or harrasment either its a teenage or a grown up. Please take a stand for yourself and for them. Use your voice even if it is shaking. 

Rather than taking your own life, take an initiative to fight back your bullies & make this trend to end & make everyone acknowledge that it is not fine to make joke of someone, to call them names or comment anything that could make them depressed & end their life.

Do it for Dolly & Do it for yourself

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