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She Wants World’s Biggest Earlobes

Bianca Ferro is a 24 years old tattoo artist from the USA. She is hooked to increasing the size of her earlobes to set a world record for that. As per Bianca, she wants to look like a character from a game and she prefers to look unnatural.

After keeping up with her passion for stretching her earlobes to make them the world's biggest earlobes, she has stretched them to almost 86 millimeters, and her goal is to stretch them to around 105 millimeters to break the world record of the current person who owns the title of World's Biggest Earlobes.


Bianca started to tattoo her body when she was only 16 years old. She also has facial piercings, gotten her septum stretched and one teeth removed. 

She can roll her earlobes around her ears and not just that she can bring them forward in front of her lips and lick them as well. 

Whilst giving an interview, Bianca said that she was bullied a lot for her different look back in high school when she started to stretch her earlobes. As per her as many of the people did not know about the trend, they used to make fun of her or think otherwise about her as if she was into drugs and bad habits which was totally untrue.


Bianca has been really lucky to have supportive parents and family as her father says that he is happy with whatever makes her happy.

Bianca started working as a tattoo artist because that is where she feels like that she was not being judged and she could be whatever she wanted to be or look like the way she prefers to appear.

Her father also has tattoos but he believes that one should not go above the neck as it might be difficult to move forward in society and getting a job or even move generally in the world and society. 

Bianca says that she has not gone with these body modifications because she has some fault in her body that she wants to change in herself. She is doing this because she wants to give herself something new to like in herself.

Even if people think that her look is different and that she has a weird side to it, but the way her family has been supportive of her and helped her do what she wants is definitely a beautiful thing to see happening. She is not what she looks like. She is someone who defines herself with her talent and words for sure. 

Do let us know if you have been through something similar and you are finally at the stage of confidence where people and their say do not affect your decisions!

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