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Rachel Evans – The Human Turned Into Barbie In Her 50’s

“I am 100% addicted to getting surgery to look like Barbie. I can’t see anytime when I am going to stop. I am going to continue till I am 80.”

We have just loved to sing the barbie song “Life in plastic, It’s fantastic”. But for Rachel Evans, this song means a lot more than music and lyrics.


Rachel Evans is a 49 years old woman from London who has done over 100 cosmetic treatments to look like a real-life barbie. This is not even the stage where she wants to stop. Rachel firmly believes that she will be getting surgeries till she turns 80 years old just to look like a barbie as long as she lives.

Rachel has spent over $35000 on 100 plus surgeries for getting the look she wants and this budget will keep increasing with time-based on her wish of getting plastic surgery done for the coming years of her life.

Rachel Evans, who now does a lot of photoshoots claims that her love for the color pink started in her 30's. That is when she realized that pink color made her happy and later on she decided to turn herself into a barbie.


Rachel even has her whole house designed in pink color and it looks like a barbie dream house that she painted herself and now cherishes to live in it. 

Childhood and teenage years for Rachel were not really a great time. She was bullied a lot in school. As she did not have a father, and her mother was always depressed, she was all alone and had to face extreme bullying where she was beaten a lot as well. She also had to go to therapy due to the same reason later on but she does not surely know if this is the reason behind her body transformation. 

"I’ve been through depression, and I went to therapy for it. After overcoming different challenges, I do feel like I've rebirthed as Barbie.”

Rachel does not like to look back on her old images or to reflect upon her past because it all brings sad memories to her. Even after waking up in the morning, the first thing that she does is to put on makeup, contour, and eyelashes because she does not like to look in the mirror, at the actual self that has not yet completely transformed into barbie as per her. 

Even though her transformation is unacceptable for many, but Rachel believes that this image has given her loads of happiness. 

"Thanks to Barbie I'm now in a very healthy mindset, I call it my Barbie happy place."

Rachel has to keep up with regular surgeries and injections to keep in the proper shape to maintain her barbie image. Other than becoming a barbie, her next favorite thing is staying in front of the camera. She enjoys being in the limelight and doing photoshoots and in front of the camera is the place where feels really alive. 

Whilst most of the women fear to age, Rachel is excited to grow older every passing year as she believes that, the more the body ages, the more are the procedures available to make it look youthful and fresh. 

"I am really excited to grow old because the older we get, the more procedures are invented to look younger & to look fresher."

Rachel Evans in approaching her 50's and she really does not look like her age. So she has not only become a barbie but she has also changed into the younger self that she always wanted to be and as happy as she wanted it to be. 

Rachel intends to carry forward with her surgeries and might not stop unless she reaches the age of 80 years. 

She is not really afraid of the pain that she has to suffer as a result of her ongoing procedures. She feels thrilled and excited for every treatment that she gets. The major reason why she can resonate with barbie is that she believes the motto of Barbie that says nothing is impossible gives her the strength that she needs. 

"I love being like Barbie mainly because her slogan is ‘you can be anything'. Feel it, believe it, and just make your dreams come true.”

Everyone has their own life that comes with their own choices. We cannot really say much about their decisions, but we do have one choice that we can make for others that would be not hurting them with our judgments or words. 

Your few moments of getting fun by bullying someone can ruin their life forever.  Change your choice today and be good for everyone to make a positive difference.

For Rachel, we would say that she looks as beautiful as she was in her early years and we hope she will live happily ever after till she has the gift of her life. We are no one to judge her decisions, and we are happy about the life that she is happy with. 

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