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Pixee Fox had Her Ribs Removed To Get A Tiny Waist For Becoming A Living Cartoon

We all have some sort of obsessions at a point in our lives. Either it is playing games or collecting some specific sort of collections. But for some people, their obsessions start at themselves and they never really want to give up even though they have reached a specific limit and are causing themselves harm.

Plastic surgery is one of those obsessions that begins with one try but then the majority of the people end up changing their whole identity and become someone else. The same was the case with Pixee Fox.  


Pixee Fox Before Surgeries - Image Credits: Pixee Fox (pixeefox) Instagram

At the very young age of 26 years old, Pixee has done almost 200 plastic surgeries to alter her body & face and she has traveled the world finding different plastic surgeons just for this very purpose. 

Recently this obsession almost killed her and sent her into a coma for more than a week and now she is recovering from a severe brain damag and staying with her family in their house back in Sweden. She has not talked about this incident yet, but she has posted some images of a plastic surgeon who put her so close to death after causing her brain damage during her treatment. 



Image Credits: Pixee Fox (pixeefox) Instagram

Pixee who was a former electrician in North Carolina, went to the USA to live the life of her dreams. With modeling and acting in her mind, she eventually fell into the trap of getting plastic surgery done to change her looks and body. She is now a plastic surgery model and famous for her extreme body modifications that were more than a risk and uneccessary to be mad about. 

Image Credits: Pixee Fox (pixeefox) Instagram

Pixee went so far with her plastic surgery obsession that she got six of her ribs removed to get a 14-inch waist and even after her surgery done in order to maintain her body shape she still wears a corset daily. 

Pixee Fox who has spent almost $1,20,000 plus on her transformation so far, did this all just to look like a living cartoon. 

Image Credits: Pixee Fox (pixeefox) Instagram

The model first fell in love with the character of Tinker Bell, which led her into considering plastic surgery to look like a living cartoon, and later on, after having a couple of surgeries, she started to look more like Jessica Rabit rather than Tinker Bell. 

The procedure that was done on the waist cost her around $8000 and this was an irreversible procedure which is only done when medically required for a patient and if someone wants to undergo the same procedure for cosmetic reasons, they need to get medically tested and approved to go through it. 

Image Credits: Pixee Fox (pixeefox) Instagram

The love of life in plastic did not stop there, Pixee also got buttocks implants, boobs jobs, and aside from that, she specifically went under the knives and got her facial bone structure broken into pieces and re-adjusted to make her face look really small. 

This surgery is the riskiest one where she could lose the sensation around her mouth and the damage could be permanent.

Image Credits: Pixee Fox (pixeefox) Instagram

If you are thinking this plastic surgery obsession was solely dedicated to her body & then you are really wrong. On her journey to become like a living cartoon, Pixee heard of a surgery in which the eye color of a person could be changed forever.

This being the most dangerous surgery where one could lose their eyesight forever, Pixee went all the way to India to get this operation done because it was not allowed in the USA. 

Image Credits: Pixee Fox (pixeefox) Instagram

Pixee's mother does not like her addiction at all and even Pixee herself knows that her mother is disappointed in her. Talking about her body modifications, her mother said:

"First of all, I think it can be dangerous. When does the body say, No, Stop? Now she is 26 what happens when she is 62? And she was so beautiful before. She is cute now too but in a completely different way."

Image Credits: Pixee Fox (pixeefox) Instagram

Looking at her old pictures, Pixee herself says that she sees a different girl. She was satisfied with that girl too but now she believes that she is more satisfied with someone she has become now. 

She feels awkward to go back to her hometown always because she never felt like she belonged there and she knows that her parents do not like her obsession with plastic surgeries. 

The only person from her family with whom she is close and can share everything about her future surgery plans is her sister who she believes understands her completely and makes her feel comfortable talking about it. 

Image Credits: Pixee Fox (pixeefox) Instagram

Undoubtedly science has progressed a lot and we can acquire every feature that we want plus the independence of making your own life choices also becomes a catalyst for people to opt for plastic surgery. 

But unfortunately, this trend and artificial beauty standards have really impacted negatively on the lifestyle of 90 percent of the population who is not a celebrity and feel bad about their looks after looking at the celebrities who have done numerous surgeries, makeup and photoshopping to look perfect.

We should focus on promoting natural beauty.

This comment is not meant to demean models like Pixee Fox. We really need to normalize acne-prone skin, natural facial features, cellulite, freckles, and every skin condition that is not horrible but somehow turned into imperfection by our society that works in the media and fashion industry. This trend and superiority in terms of fake beauty standards to measure every normal person is causing mental health traume to millions of people around the world who are facing low self esteem because they are constantly being compared to the phoshopeed and plastic community.

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below!

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