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People Call Waldburger Pascal The Real Life Red Devil

 “They say that someone who likes me has a bad soul or that I look like the devil.”

Waldburger Pascal is a tattoo artist from Switzerland who is also known as Toxo. He has almost 70 to 80 percent of his body covered in tattoos.


Image Credits: Waldburger Pascal Facebook

Waldburger Pascal has 70-80 percent of his body tattoed, most part of which is red in color. His body modification does not stop there, he has also had twelve body implants, got his earlobes surgically cut, nipples pierced, scarification of the forearm, and his eyes tattooed as well. 

For him, this is what he has done for himself only.


The most complicated and difficult procedure was tattooing his eyes because back when he did his eyes, the risk of losing his sight, was around 70 - 30 percent which was a huge risk. 

Image Credits: Waldburger Pascal Facebook

Pascal believes that tattoo is like a product that tells everyone's history, and for himself, he believes that his body is a canvas that tells his story. Pascal's whole body tattoos are actually like a bodysuit which has been formed by combining many small tattoed images. 

The most painful experiences of getting tattoos and body modification included the tip of his nose and his ears.

Image Credits: Waldburger Pascal Facebook

Waldburger Pascal does not believe that his appearance has affected any kind of relationship in his life. He is father to a son and is socially active as well. He has done tattoos for his own son as well. His son said that he feels pitiful for people who think of his father otherwise and he does not believe if his father has ever failed as a parent because of his looks.

His son that his colleagues and friends see his father differently but for him, he remains the same person who is his dad.

Image Credits: Waldburger Pascal Facebook

Waldburger faces a lot of criticism, where people call him a real-life devil or a person with a bad soul. As per him the criticism that he faces online is more than facing criticism in person.  

Waldburger Pascal has spent around 70,000 - 80,000 Swiss Francs on his look overall, even though he has done most of it himself. He is planning to get some more body implants and has a lot more to do on his list.

Image Credits: Waldburger Pascal Facebook

No doubt Waldburger has a unique look which is somewhat different and nobody amongst us might want to opt for it, but still giving him negative reactions might not be a rightful choice. Everyone gets hurt, we should be kind and accepting of his look and respect his choices and changes that represent him as a person.

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