Paris Jackson Has Released Very First Official Song Of Hers Amidst The Pressure Of Being Daughter Of Famous Michael Jackson

After the death of Famous Celebrity Michael Jackson, life has been a bit tough for the three children of famous Michael Jackson. Paris Jackson the daughter of Michael Jackson, an American singer and songwriter has released her first solo debut “Let Down” with the most whimsical and magical videography and story.


Image Credits: Paris Jackson (parisjackson) Instagram

The video gives you all kinds of vibes that start from fantasy but ends at the cruel reality of heartbreak, starting from Paris's walking with a candle in hand to a room with faces full of masks of deceit to her heart getting ripped apart by the person she loved and trusted a lot.

Image Credits: Paris Jackson (parisjackson) Instagram

You were all I had
We feel fast and hard
How did it get this bad?
Ins and outs so scarred

Based on an interview, Paris Jackson told sources that this album and song the songs are basically describing the time of heartbreak she had to go through in the past and she has lived it again through these songs and they will remind her in the future of how naive she was. 


Image Credits: Paris Jackson (parisjackson) Instagram

This song Let Down is the first release from her upcoming debut album "Wilted", which will be released on November 13, 2020. Paris Jackson came live on her social media account twenty minutes before her song was to be launched online, where she sang it and then answered the questions from fans.

Paris whilst talking to fans and expressing her feelings said: 

“I feel so many emotions. I’m excited, I’m nervous, mostly grateful and happy. The freedom to create, not being told what to sing and how to sing it, what to write; it’s awesome. It’s a gift, it’s a blessing.” 

Image Credits: Paris Jackson (parisjackson) Instagram

For Paris Jackson, life has been tough on the road. She did not only suffer the loss of a parent at a very young age, but she also faced bullying and harassment that lead her into committing suicide. 

After all of this troubled life and struggle, she again had to go through heartbreak with Exboyfriend which was not easy on her. This album is the healing process for Paris Jackson as she lived and healed her heartbreak through every song and we can clearly feel the purity and reality in every lyric and video of the song itself. 

There is no doubt that it is really tough to hold on to life after having to go through numerous losses in life, but Paris has for sure came out really brave and despite having too much pressure of being a daughter to famous personality Michael Jackson, Paris has indeed come out blasting with her first debut song.

Whilst posting about her first debut, Paris wrote:

 "This song means a lot to me because even though it’s a small part of a much larger story, I poured my heart and soul into it. this song is my baby and I’ve found so much hope and healing through creating this, and I hope it brings joy to others." 

Image Credits: Paris Jackson (parisjackson) Instagram

We cannot wait to have access to her full album in November. We are sure the whole album will be a piece of amazement and talent itself and Paris will soon shine bright like her father and keep his legacy of music alive.

Till November 13th we are going to Listen to and watch Let Down and appreciate her as much as we can! 

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