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Online Dating Gone Wrong – Man Kills Flatmate Of Girlfriend In Jealousy

Dating websites have become quite a trend more lately having many developed dating apps that are exclusive for celebrities and famous people.

It is not really easy to find a good partner on a dating website easily, yet still, many people have found love online. On the other hand, dating websites have turned out to be a horrific experience for few. Emma Tozer is one of those people for whom dating online turned out to be a really tragic and frightful experience that she may never forget.


In Picture: Emma Tozer & Ex-Boyfriend Anthony Brinton - Image Credits: Daily Mirror

In the picture given above, we can only see two people who are pretty happy together, but that was not the case in reality. Emma Tozer aged 42 Met Anthony Brinton, 43 online on a dating website. At the beginning of the relationship, Emma really fell for Brinton and he appeared to her as the man of her dreams. Things changed after some months into the relationship.

Despite her family's warnings, Emma disregarded any red signals about Brinton, but later on after some months, she started to realize that something was wrong when he started to become angry and controlling with her.

In picture: Emma's Flatmate Adrien Cieslik - Image Credits: SWNS

Emma broke off the relationship with Brinton after one year in 2019. But Brinton was not happy with this decision. He accused Emma of having an affair with her flatmate Adrien Cieslik 35, who was murdered later on by Brinton in jealousy.


One night when Emma went out for a fun night with sister, Adrien was sleeping in his room in the flat, when Anthony Brinton paid a visit. Adrien was found brutally wounded and covered in blood by Emma who came back around 3 am and found him moaning with pain in his room.

Adrien was hit nine times in his head  with a claw hammer by Emma's jealous ex-boyfriend Anthony Brinton

Emma is assured that he wanted to kill both of them and she would have been dead if she was there that night. 

“I believe Brinton wanted to kill us both. If I hadn’t gone out that night I’d be dead now.” 

Anthony Brinton in CCTV footage holding hammer used to kill Adrien Cieslik - Image Credits: Mirror Uk & SWNS

Talking about Adrien, Emma said:

“Everyone loved him. He was very protective of me and didn’t like the way Anthony treated me. I feel constantly guilty – if he hadn’t known me he would still be living a happy life today.”

Upon reaching the flat, Emma heard a painful voice from Adrien's room, when she reached there, she explained what she saw:

“Blood was splattered all over the walls, the ceiling, the bed. I shouted his name and he wasn’t responding. What I saw will stay with me forever.”

Adrien was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries two months later, whereas Anthony who claimed he just went to meet both Adrien & Emma, is behind the bars for twenty-eight years

Remembering Adrien Emma feels guilty and said:

"I feel constantly guilty – if he hadn’t known me he would still be living a happy life today.”

Whilst dating website has appeared as a very worst ending for Emma & her flatmate Adrien, who had to lose his life for no good reason, there are still many couples who found theirs forever on dating websites. 

But we must always be careful and look for red signals in any person from the very beginning, or it might hurt us or people around us badly.

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