Noah Cyrus Receives Huge Backlash By Fans On Her Outfit Choice For CMT Music Awards

Who does not know the Cyrus sisters for being bold and not caring for anyone else but their own preferences when it comes to wardrobe choices. 


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Recently, Noah Cyrus appeared on the CMT Music Awards Show for her performance with Jimmie Ellen for the song "This Is Us". Though the performance and the song was a hit, the fans got really furious when they pointed out that something in the outfit of Noah Cyrus was Missing. 

The singer chose to wear a sheer dress that was bedazzled with many strategically placed rhinestones across major portions of the body. Not only this she wore thigh-high boots, long white bedazzled gloves, and a white hat as well to compliment the dress she wore. 


Fans went crazy with their words and everybody started pouring out their criticism on Noah Cyrus openly and not just that everyone criticized the CMT Music Awards Show for not catering to the proper dress code and they thought that the show lost some morale values right thereby allowing a celebrity to wear a sheer dress. 

The list for the criticism went really long and it became a hot topic everywhere on social media. Noah Cyrus and Miley Cyrus have always been quite bold when it came to posting their pictures online either in any outfit or if it was going about a photoshoot without any outfit and they have really not cared about what people think of them about their personality choices.

Noha Cyrus did pay some attention to the matter and she responded to two of the tweets where she seemed a bit rude as well.

In one of the replies, the tweeter who mentioned Noah basically removed her tweet later on as well after receiving an answer from Noah on her negative compliment.

In another tweet, Noah Cyrus exclaimed out loud telling a tweeter that it was her body and her choice to wear whatever she likes.

Undoubtedly, getting criticism is not easy being a celebrity, especially when it is Noah Cyrus who has recently come up with her emotional side telling how vulnerable she is feeling all the time knowing she is more acknowledged as a celebrity' sister than having her own name more profoundly being clapped for her own efforts. 

But we still think that she could have gone a bit polite because after all, we should not be like those who offend us. We should rather choose our own conduct and behavior.

For everyone out there, every person is entitled to their own choices and decisions when it comes to their body and personality. Let's just focus on her music and contribution to the music industry. Let's not body shame anyone and spread love only!

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