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Natasha Diddee – The Famous Chef Who Doesn’t Have A Stomach

“Before my surgery, I just existed like many of us do. Post-surgery, I realized that I had been was gifted a second shot at life. That’s when I decided that I was going to live, not just exist.”

Natasha Diddee, a woman who was from Pune has seen many ups and downs in life but eventually, after the most difficult period of her life, she now lives as an inspiration to the world and has proven that nothing can stop one from being happy in their choices. 


Image Credits: Natasha Diddee Facebook

Natasha was born and raised in Pune. Growing up she had an avid interest in acting & theatre and she was a food lover as well. Seeing her keen interest in theatre, her mother who did not want her to become an actress, insisted her to join the field of culinary & food to become a chef. 

Natasha, who was a foodie liked the idea herself and she took admission in a hotel management institution at Dadar. After completing her degree and training, she served as a chef at various restaurants & hotels in Mumbai.  

Image Credits: Natasha Diddee Facebook

After working for some time in Mumbai, Natasha got married to the love of her life and moved to Delhi where she continued her cooking profession. Things started to change with time though.


Natasha's marriage was not successful at all, her work routine was hectic and the stress started to build on her badly. She stayed in her marriage for long nine years fearing what her parents will say knowing it was a love marriage, which later on changed as they were the ones who supported her through her tough times after finding out about her sufferings. 

Image Credits: Website

Natasha got out of her unsuccessful marriage and moved to Bangalore. After some years of settling in her new life and constantly facing the stress, by the year 2010 Natasha started to feel consistent pain in her shoulder and stomach.

After going to many doctors and getting all sorts of X-Rays, Sonographies, and surgeries for shoulder pain Natasha could notice no difference in her health and pain. Even her weight dropped drastically. 

Eventually after some tough time and visiting many doctors, she finally found Dr. Bhalerao who identified her real health issue. She was informed that due to constant stress and issues she had developed a tumor & perforated ulcers around her stomach and the condition had worsened to such a degree that she had no other solution but to go for a gastrectomy. 

Natasha was operated for a nine hours long operation in which her stomach was removed completely and her esophagus was connected with her small intestine directly. 

Image Credits: Natasha Diddee (thegutlessfoodie) Instagram

Surgical removal of the stomach for Natasha meant that she will never be able to feel hungry naturally and she will need to eat small 10 meals daily to fulfill the nutritional needs of her body. Taking monthly vitamin B injections are also one of ritual for Natasha as without a stomach her body cannot produce vitamin B itself.

After successfully going through the surgery and getting a second chance at life Natasha made a choice to live and not just exist. She started a Facebook group named The Gutless Foodie, where she started posting her recipes with beautiful captions. 

Image Credits: Natasha Diddee (thegutlessfoodie) Instagram

Later on, one day her friend made an Instagram account for her named The Gutless Foodie, and this account became a sensation in a short amount of time. To date, Natasha has around one hundred thousand plus followers and the numbers are just growing day by day.

Natasha posts simple, cultural, and quick recipes and presents them by beautifully garnishing and capturing them.  She believes that all the attention that her account gets must be majorly from the way she presents the food as she has learned it professionally. 

She also has an Instagram account where she solely posts about the food that she tastes from different restaurants, either she is visiting them or they invite her.  

Image Credits: Natasha Diddee (thegutlessfoodie) Instagram

Even though she lost an integral organ of her body, she still managed to stay in the profession that revolves around food and she has totally excelled in it. But her beautiful journey does not stop right here.

She has also written a book and it will be a pleasant surprise that the famous chef has not written a cookbook, instead, she wrote a fiction novel which is on the shelves already and getting love from people. 

Image Credits: Natasha Diddee (thegutlessauthor) Instagram

Her book revolves around the four different characters of women and you should definitely read it out.

Well, life has changed a lot for Natasha, but definitely in a good way just because she was determined to make it a thriving experience rather than just surviving. She also found love again and now is living a contented and happy life with her partner and parents, whilst following her passion for food and cooking.  

Image Credits: Website

This will remain one of the wonderful & inspiring stories for every person around the world. Natasha has not only showed us how you can live a full life despite going through a lot but also gave a lesson that we should not let circumstances get the best out of our health.

Do not stay with toxic people and relationships. Do not stay in a work-life that is deteriorating your health. Live happily and live a life that makes you feel loved and peaceful because stress and worries can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

If you loved this story then do let us know, share this story with your friends and family and appreciate Natasha Diddee on her social media handles if you wish to spread more love on her way.  

“Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay.”

Simon De Beauvoir

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