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Most Extreme Body Modification

Maria Spallek is a thirty years old woman from Germany, who is known for her body modifications.

Maria is also known as Balea The Scarleg, which is her gamer name. She streams games on Twitch online with her fans watching her live streaming.


Image Credits: Balea The Scarleg (balea_the_scarleg) Instagram

Maria Spallek is very fond of doing body modifications. She has been judged for it and appreciated as well.

Image Credits: Balea The Scarleg (balea_the_scarleg) Instagram

For Maria, her looks are not the only source for her fans to follow her and stay with her long-term. She believes the way she is with them and her dedication towards her gaming and her fans is something that is keeping them stuck to her. She does not believe that her following is only based on her attractive or different looks.

Image Credits: Balea The Scarleg (balea_the_scarleg) Instagram

Maria Spallek has not received positive feedback only from her followers. Most of them become very rude and call her ugly as well. To which, her ressilient focus on her own happiness  is the answer which is enough to surface through her gaming and positive attitude on her social handles. 


Image Credits: Balea The Scarleg (balea_the_scarleg) Instagram

As per Maria Spallek, when she looks back at her old pictures from childhood till the years she had not done any body modifications, she still feels like she looks the same.

Image Credits: Balea The Scarleg (balea_the_scarleg) Instagram

Maria has gone so extreme with her body modifications that her face has dozens of piercings, her body is full of countless tattoos and she has gone so far that she even got one of her eyeball inked.

And this does not stop here, she has also gotten her tongue split and pierced. 

People have really mixed views on her posts. Some say mean words telling her that she is crazy whereas there is another fraction that calls her attractive, beautiful and amazing.  

Image Credits: Balea The Scarleg (balea_the_scarleg) Instagram

Maria has increased the amount of tattoos this year as well. She says that even if the process of getting inked is really painful but it is worth doing because she loves getting inked and she never will stop doing so in future as well.

For us this body modification of Maria Spallek has felt really brave step, but we may never opt for it. What do you guys think about her body modification? Do let us know in the comments section! 

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