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Meet These Baby Dolls That Look Alive

We sometimes come across some people, who have hobbies that are totally unique and different but they get us hooked to their hobbies and work through their talent. Sara Gustaffson is one of those artists, who have really surprised everyone with her two unique hobbies that run perfectly together and people cannot stop admiring her work. These two wonderful hobbies include:

  • Child/Newborn Photography
  • Collecting Lifelike Dolls 

The beautiful woman in the picture above is Sara Gustaffson herself, and that cute little baby is known as Liam is not a real baby but a doll. 


Yes, He is not real! & neither are any of the babies in the pictures that will be shared next in the article.

Sara was a part of a photography club and she loved doing newborn and baby photography. But as her own babies were born and they grew up, it was difficult to carry on her hobby having them in the pictures, as we all know babies hardly cope up with photography. Therefore she started this venture of collecting baby dolls that looked real and capturing their pictures and posting them online. 

Talking about this initiative Sara said:


"So I have been in this communityn (as we call it here) for 3 years. That's not very long. The reason I started in the first place was I love photography and especially newborn babies. And as my (back then) youngest got older he didn’t want to be a part of that. Or it wasn’t easy to work with him. 🌪😅"

As soon as Sara started posting these cute little alive looking kids pictures, people started liking her pictures and account immensely. She received a huge following and some brands started contacting her for collaborations as well. Talking about this new chapter of her life, she said: 

"And as time passed and I started this account it exploded! Followers from all over the world and I received DM’s with so much love about lifting this art and being called brave to stand up for what I love and so on. Shortly after that, I got questions about collabs and becoming ambassadors for different businesses. In that way, it started and continued."

Sara is a wife and a mother as well. She has a loving family and when we asked her about the experience of her kids and husband about this unique hobby of her collecting the dolls, she said:

"My husband didn’t react at all. He knows me and my passion for photographing. I don’t play with the dolls so it’s no big deal in our family. The kids were super excited about the dolls in the beginning because of how lifelike they are but as time goes they get used. So now it’s not a big deal getting a new doll home."

When we asked her if she considers these dolls as real babies, she said:

"They see them as real ones. To me, that would be weird because I have real kids. I don’t play with dolls. When I post I use term babies because this is motherhood through my eyes."

Sara says she does not spend time playing with these dolls and for her, they are her passion and project. Many women who were facing issues like child loss or infertility keep messaging her to know if she sells these dolls, to but them and keep them for filling their voids, hence she understands why people would assume that she acknowledges them as real too, which is not true.

We had seen some images of the dolls that are with Sara on other profiles, who were using them without credits and misleading people into getting them to buy such dolls, where in turn they were using wrong means for acquiring customers. On this scenario, Sara commented:

"Yes, I am already done asking them to credit my pictures & to not use for illegal purposes,  leading nowhere. People don’t care- like I have to blame myself. “Posting pics on the internet is for everyone to steal”.

Well, people could do as much use of these cute little children's' pictures, we must say the original content always speaks for itself. We are really glad & thankful to have the opportunity to talk to Sara Gustaffson & to have witnessed the cutest child photography but with no real child in it. 

If you all loved her work & talent, do appreciate her efforts on her official accounts and follow her for more amazing photography with a new collection of lifelike dolls in her future projects

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