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Meet Kim Kardashian’s Look Alike

Amongst millions of searches on google, there is one very curiosity filled question that many people type:

Are there really seven look-alikes for everyone in this world?


Well, there might not be seven doppelgangers for every person and the ratio of identical twins can also not justify that fact but we have for sure seen many celebrity look-alikes which certainly spark the question and interest around the topic.  

Today we have found a Kim Kardashian doppelganger, who says that she has never gone for any cosmetic surgery to look like Kim, she only gets some fillers as everyone does and that’s about her. Therefore we can really believe that look-alikes exist, they may not be seven but one look-alike person must be existing for everyone right?


Image Credits: Chaly D.N (chalydn) Instagram

Chaly got intrigued to know about Kim Kardashian when people started to mistake her for the celebrity on the streets. Either she was on the streets or at parties, people will come to her and compliment her look telling her she is exactly like Kim.

Image Credits: Chaly D.N (chalydn) Instagram

Chaly said that realized the same thing herself when she saw pictures of Kim Kardashian and then she started to follow her on Instagram. Chaly got so inspired by the celebrity that she started to wear dresses, shoes, and bags that the celebrity loved wearing.

Chaly has spent more than one million pounds on clothes, bags, and shoes to remain up to date with the fashion style and looks of Kim Kardashian.

Image Credits: Chaly D.N (chalydn) Instagram

Chaly says she likes to wear everything that she sees on Kim and she almost knows every item of clothing or shoes that Kim Kardashian likes personally and is her favorite.

Chaly believes that Kim and her style is really similar.

Image Credits: Chaly D.N (chalydn) Instagram

Chaly who has now become an entrepreneur and an influencer believes that she needs to spend a fortune on getting new items for every season if she has to keep up with her influence online, but her family and friends think that she really needs to slow down and not invest so much into clothing, bags, shoes or fillers.

Image Credits: Chaly D.N (chalydn) Instagram

Chaly enjoys the attention that she gets when outside.

She says that it feels really good when people stop me to capture my pictures and tell me that I look like Kim because she loves Kim Kardashian and she believes that she is the most beautiful woman on earth.  

Image Credits: Chaly D.N (chalydn) Instagram

"I don't try to look like Kim, I mean I naturally look like her. I've never had any surgeries to look like Kim, I've had buttocks and fillers, everyone does it."

Chaly claims that although she is getting injections and buttocks, she is really not trying to copy Kim Kardashian. But people are saying otherwise in the comments section under the documentary of her's that appeared on Truly's youtube channel.

Image Credits: Comments Section From Truly's Video Documentary On Chaly DN

People totally believe that Chaly is lying to herself and she is ruining her real self day by day, by trying to become Kim Kardashian.

Image Credits: Comments Section From Truly's Video Documentary On Chaly DN

Almost most of the comments were pointing out that she really needed to shift her focus and become herself rather than living like somebody's copy. 

Image Credits: Comments Section From Truly's Video Documentary On Chaly DN

Whilst some said that she does not look like Kim at all, some blamed her for cosmetic surgery and some even mentioned that she needed therapy and she should admire her own self than someone else.

Well, to us she sure resembles Kim Kardashian, if not the Kim of 2020 with all her surgeries and fillers, but she for sure reminds us of the young Kim Kardashian who had recently joined the world of fame before changing into the Kim we see today. 

What are your opinions on Chaly & Kim's Resemblance? Let us know!

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