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Man Married Himself After Fiancée Ends Relationship Before Marriage Day

Dr. Diogo Rabelo said “I Do” to himself.

Dr. Diogo is a well known cosmetic specialist in Brazil. He got engaged to his Ex-Fiancée Vittor Bueno in the year 2019. The couple was destined to get married in October 2020. Dates were set, guest lists were made and everything was planned until one day when the bride decided to end the relationship and asked to cancel the marriage ceremony.


Although Diogo was sad and heartbroken, he did not want to cancel the marriage ceremony. Diogo who was really heartbroken, thought to use this moment as a promise of committing to self-love and help him move on from the tragedy by turning it into something beautiful and memorable.

He planned a self-marriage ceremony on the same day he was supposed to get married to his ex-fiancee, Vittor Bueno.

A total of 50 invitations were sent due to the global pandemic coronavirus precautions. Forty guests who were really close friends and family memebers attended the marriage and Diogo was beyond emotional and happy. From walking down the aisle with his mother holding a bouquet to saying his vows out loud, it was all beautiful and pure magic.


Whilst talking to the media, Diogo Rabelo said:

"Today is one of the happiest day of my life. Since I am with the people I love the most in this life. Celebrating what could be a tragedy, but I turned it into comedy."

The wedding party was held on 17th of October, 2020. Diogo spent quite a fortune for the ceremony and had a party with close relatives of himself that were invited. Everyone was so happy and they all supported their dear cousin and friend very greatly.

Diogo thanked everyone who came to celebrate his marriage ceremony and helped him through his tough and emotional times.  

"This symbolic act of marrying myself is my highest point of expression for my self-love. I learned that I have my worth and that I don't need to be loved by anyone to feel good. And I go further: I don't need to change my personality or my way of being so that someone can stay with me. I discovered my worth and I love who I am, I love my story, where I came from, what I went through, and I focus on where I want to go."

Dr. Diogo posted all the beautiful images from self marriage on his instagram profile with wonderful captions, that were clearly the statements showing his tough times in losing love only to love himself better.

Although self marriages are sometimes considered narcissistic behaviors by society, yet Diogo has given it a new meaning and changed the whole outlook around this concept.

Whilst talking about his lost love, he shared a really beautiful message telling her that he still loves her and it will take time for him to heal the wound, but she really taught him to love himself before loving anybody else.

"And I will never understand why you didn't want me. I know that only time will heal this wound, but as long as I am alive, I will never stop loving you and wanting you the best.
You were a great teacher in my life. With you I learned the value of a person. You showed me how special I am and how much potential I have to make my dreams come true, including this one: make my commitment to love me first."

From trying to forget someone who unloved you & left you so easily to loving yourself and healing along the path of broken heart is not an easy job. But Diogo Rabelo has marked history by beautifully capturing the most painful moments of his life and respecting the person who left him when he needed her the most. 

This is indeed a beautiful story to go back to always! & we hope Diogo will soon find his forever love that starts with a beautiful marriage ceremony that will last in the forever place paradise.

“If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.”
Charles Bukowski

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