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Lizzie Velasquez Is The Inspiration Every One Should Follow When Facing Bullying

Elizabeth Anne Velasquez is a 31 years old American motivational speaker, an author, social activist, and a Youtuber. Lizzie Valesquez was born with an extremely rare genetic disease and she is one of only two people in this world who have been affected by this disease.


This syndrome that Lizzie Velasquez was born with is called Marfanoid Progeroid Lipodystrophy Syndrome. The syndrome has many symptoms including a major condition that it prevents her from gaining any weight or accumulate any sort of body fat. 


Lizzie also lost vision in her right eye and her left eye is visually impaired as well. But all this has never let her stop from shining bright as a star and an influencer.

Since her birth in 1989, Lizzie's parents were really supportive of her and it was said that she could not grow into the woman she is if she was not a part of this family. She herself mentioned in her very first Ted Talk that went viral on the internet that her parents played a key role in establishing her into a woman that she is today.

Whilst talking about her earlier life, she mentioned that growing into her family she never realized that she was different unless the day she went to her school for the first time.

 Describing this painful experience, Lizzie was really talking confidently and explained that as she entered the Montessori and she went to greet another girl child, she noticed that she was not happy to see Lizzie and avoided her like she was a monster. She said at that time I told myself that she is unwise to not like someone as cool as me. When she went back home and talked to her parents that why others loom differently at her, they explained to her that now is the time when she will have to tell everyone that she is capable of everything and no one could define her but herself.

For Lizzie school went fine for earlier yeads but she faced cyberbullying in her later years, where ina youtube video she was mentioned as the "World's Ugliest Woman". Lizzie did not know about this video at first, but she heard about it from her friends, she said she did not show it to her parents but she thought that day, that she will not be defined like that. She will make a difference and tell the world that bullying is not okay, she said at that time I was just not aware it was not someone like me who was facing bullying, but it was many other as well. 

Lizzie Velasques took the decision that day one day:

 She will complete her education, become a motivational speaker, write books, control her own career, and have a family, and today she has accomplished every goal of hers except for the last one and we know she will reach there too. 

Recently a new trend on Twitter started with, the hashtag of #Yournewteacher where sadly some parents recorded the reactions of their children by showing them the pictures of differently-abled people. Such a horrible trend to follow isn't it?

Unfortunately, it also included Lizzie in at least one video as per her. In response to this Lizzie recently shared her anti-bullying message which stated:

“If you are an adult who has a young human in your life, please do not teach them that being scared of someone who does not look like them is okay.” 

 "Please, everything that these kids need to know about having empathy and being kind to one another starts at home."

"This is not okay, this is a trend that needs to stop, We are human and we have feelings, so please keep that in mind."

From facing bullying since childhood to facing the same cyberbullying today, Lizzie Velasquez is still standing against it. She has proven that even if the whole world has gone bad, it cannot put you down or give you a title based on your physical appearance. We should learn from Lizzie Velasquez and we should quote every such influencer with our kids when they are growing up so that this world becomes a better place and accepts everyone by ending bullying. 

"Physical features can never define anyone. If you are not a good person, you can never be loved by anyone truly for long despite your good looks."

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