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Lhouraii Li Wants To Become Blue Permanently As She Thinks She Doesn’t Belong To Planet Earth

“I have always been different. I have never felt like I belong anywhere. So I have always felt quite alone. I don’t feel like I belong anywhere on this planet.”

This is what Lhouraii Li said in a video where she was featured on youtube via Truly. She has always been seen differently on social media, but it has been only two years since she has started to paint herself blue color as a whole. 


Lhouraii Li calls herself an Alien Freak on her Instagram Bio.

Image Credits: Lhouraii Li (lhouraii) Instagram

Lhouraii has never been seen with her skin in blue color only. There were times when her makeup look was totally different, where she used to use white paint or normal foundation skin with bright eyeshadows and blue eyes and lips.  People always used to confuse her style with barbies, but as per her, she was inspired by the Japanese character Gyaru. She still considers herself like Gyaru but the difference is that she has transformed into liking the color blue.


Image Credits: Lhouraii Li (lhouraii) Instagram

As per Lhouraii Li, blue has always been her favorite color. She likes this color since the beginning. She is so much inspired by the aliens and the extraterrestrial life that she has transformed her whole place and way of life like aliens. She even can speak a bit of Klingon language.

Her boyfriend supports her a lot and she feels like he will love her no matter how she looks.  Her boyfriend himself is a goth makeup lover and he himself dresses and looks like a goth. 

Image Credits: Lhouraii Li (lhouraii) Instagram

Lhouraii Li is a nail artist by profession and she sells beautiful handmade customed nails. People adore her work a lot and she loves to do this job herself. 

It is not just the nails that she paints, she has also has painted the boat where she stays with her boyfriend in beautiful colors.

Image Credits: Lhouraii Li (lhouraii) Instagram

Around four years back, she developed "Agoraphobia". She has fear of going outside and she has been staying inside a tiny boat with her boyfriend since then, where she spends 99.9% of her time inside the boat with her boyfriend and her pets. 

She also told the sources that she has put the pictures related to space outside her windows so that whenever she feels anxiety, she can look outside and feel like she is in her own different world.

Image Credits: Lhouraii Li (lhouraii) Instagram

Lhoraii has also been doing research to find out a way that can help to turn her skin color into blue forever, but she has not yet found any valid way to do so. She thought of going for tattoos but then she said that it felt like they will make her skin patchy and she might not be able to afford the cost as well. 

She is still looking at different ways of turning blue whilst using body paints for now.

Image Credits: Lhouraii Li (lhouraii) Instagram

Lhoraii Li has recently started trying to step outside her boat and start exploring the outer world as well. She wants to do many things when she will be able to move easily outside. 

For now, she wants to turn the color of her skin into blue permanently and for her skin to become aliens like forever. She also said that things have changed a lot lately now that people have become more accepting, and now she receives good comments rather than rude comments only. 

Well, we wish her luck in getting better from Agoraphobia, and for her to find love with the skin she already has or a way to get her ski the way she wants it to look. Because in the end what matters is how you like yourself in the mirror not others!

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