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Let Us Introduce You To Essential XO – A Humanesque Mannequin

World does not stop from surprising us with advancement in the field of technology and life.

Loads and loads of things have been created by mankind that have surprised everyone alot. From working on how human body and human beings work to wanting to have robotics around us to be with us and work for us have always been a dream of our species homosapiens.


Many robots have been created so far and they hardly look like real human beings. But something  differnet has been created recently by a famous makeup artist  Alexis Stone

Image Credits: Essential XO (essentialxo) Instagram

We want all of you to meet Essential XO, the really pretty and bright eyes woman on the left in the picture.


Essential XO is a humanesque manniequin, who has taken birth as an idea of famous makeup artist and drag queen Alexis Stone.

Image Credits: Essential XO (essentialxo) Instagram

Essential XO has her name derived from the letters of the name of her owner and creator Alexis Stone. She is the creation he is really proud of and he announced her through his youtube channel along with showing the detailed making of Essential Xo with his team in youtube video.

Image Credits: Essential XO (essentialxo) Instagram

Essential XO has an Instagram account where her following is increasing day by day since the announcement of her arrival. She already has 28 thousand plus followers on her Instagram within the time frame of 6 months and the numbers are still increasing. 

Essential is showing off her makeup tranformations by adding beautiful outfits and hairstyles to her looks and people cannot stop commenting her pictures. 

The appreciation that this mannequin is receiving from people around the globe is nothing less than the love any other real famous human being receives. 


Image Credits: Essential XO (essentialxo) Instagram

Alexis Stone was recently interviewd by People Magazing about this creation of his, where he explained Essential completely. He Said: 

"She is whatever the people need her to be right now. Whether it's an overpriced sex doll, whether it's a friend, whether it's an avatar-like model, whether it's the perfect human, it's really open to people's perception."

"I've always believed that as an artist it's recognizing your entry and exit point, and whilst I'm not quite ready to exit, I really want to focus my time on creating something that will live on."

Image Credits: Essential XO (essentialxo) Instagram

With time Essential is looking more and more human and people cannot stop dropping their jaws looking at her pictures. Somepeople have even defined her as an alien and some feel freaked out by her looking more and more human with time.

Image Credits: Essential XO (essentialxo) Instagram

When asked by the team People Magazine that what is the future of Essential and what Alexis Stone is thinking to do with this project in coming years, he said:

"Whilst I am the beginning phase of this, I have a great team of people that are supporting her and looking after her and taking that in a new direction. I'll continue to do my thing, and she will flourish and do her own thing. Now that the world knows that I've created it, that's it. There doesn't need to be any more association with me and her. She's gonna do her own thing, and she will probably one day live past me, which is an incredibly exciting idea. But I'm sure our worlds will collide in the future."

Well, the way he talks about her really makes one feel like she is real and she will start talking and breathing soon!

Image Credits: Essential XO (essentialxo) Instagram

Alexis also said whilst talking about his project that he wanted to create something that had no emotions or feelings like human beings. 

Image Credits: Essential XO (essentialxo) Instagram

Alexis is wishing for everyone to love Essential XO as much as he loves her and treat her as a seperate entity. Though there are many conspiracies around her, but he is really waiting to see people's reaction of her and how they will transform or think of her indivually and where she will be in future.

Image Credits: Essential XO (essentialxo) Instagram

We can hardly believe our eyes and she looks almost real to us based on her appearance. For some moments when we are looking at her pictures, we really forget that she is made out of silicon. 

We are really unsure that what Alexis wants to bring in future with Essential XO, but we are really sure that she will be in millions of hearts and she will live in beauty and fashion industry for a very long time.

What do you think?


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