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Leo Blanco Started To Transform Into Michael Jackson At The Age Of 15

“Once you start with the surgeries then there is no limit. It’s impossible to have just one or two surgeries done, you want more and more.”

Leo Blanco who recently appeared in a documentary by Barcroft Tv has made the world both surprised and hooked to his looks. Leo Blanco is a 22 years old boy from Argentina, who has gone under the needles by undergoing 11 surgeries just to look like his idol Michael Jackson. 


Leo was a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson since his childhood. He used to listen to Michael's songs constantly and recently on one of his Instagram posts, he even mentioned that he still remembers the day he heard the news of his idol's death, he locked himself in the room of his parents and cried a lot.

For Leo Blanco, Michael Jackson is much more than just being an artist.

Leo was only 15 years old when he opted for surgeries first to start transforming himself into looking like Michael Jackson. He wanted to become the best impersonation of him.


Leo Blanco has gone through almost 11 surgeries up till now including:

  • Two otoplasty surgeries for reshaping ears
  • Four rhinoplasty surgeries 
  • Three liposuction surgeries
  • Two hyaluronic acid and botox applications for enhancement of his cheekbones.

The total cost that he had to pay for all these 11 surgeries is estimated at around $30,000 and this will not be the only amount that was paid for him to become a brand new Michael Jackson. He is planning to go under the needle once again and get more surgeries. He wants to get his eyebrows lifted and to opt for face lifting as well which is not currently possible, because his doctors believe that he is too young to go for the facelift treatment.

Leo will further enhance his chin, face, and eyebrows. Talking about getting more surgeries he said:

“Each surgery takes me closer to my objective.”

“It's a constant fight between what my parents want, what I want, and what the surgeons are willing to do.”

Leo's parents are not totally eased by his way of living. They have no issue with him impersonating Michael Jackson, but they are afraid about the surgeries that he is opting for regularly. 

His mother thinks that he might die someday going under the knife again and again. 

Leo started his career in acting from a very small age and since the beginning of his career, he still remembers how he always not get the opportunities that he wanted and how he was laughed at by others. This all did not break Leo and he kept going on with his journey of transforming into Michael Jackson.

Today he has received more recognization after appearing in a documentary as Michael Jackson. People are really interested to know about his love for Michael Jackson and about his personal life.  Despite Michael's being under the constant blaming on his character based on the new documentary, Leo says that he does not believe what other people say. He will keep loving Michael Jackson All His Life.

Leo always believed that the people who used to laugh at him in past will be wanting to meet him and give him work based on his success and demand and we guess that time has really come for him recently and he will flourish more.

Leo Blanco now earns his livelihood just because of his impersonation as Michael Jackson. When he goes outside, people recognize him as Michael immediately and they come forward to meet him and take pictures with him in pure excitement.

He is a very good dancer and he can dance like MJ as well. He has been invited to many shows where he gives performances and people really love watching him perform. Other than this he also gets invited to different shows as a jury. 

"I like to think that I am a paste, something that I can mold, something that I can decide about, not satisfy myself with the face that destiny gave me. I can decide how to live and look like."

For Leo, his journey will never stop here. He will keep on getting surgeries until on unless he is assured that he looks exactly like Michael Jackson. His obsession does not stop right here, he wishes to meet his idol someday in the afterlife and really feels bad for not having the chance to meet him even once in his life. 

Leo Blanco also owns a Vlogging Youtube Channel where he keeps posting his Vlogs and gives a look into his life as the new star Michael Jackson. From being a teenager who did not have many friends to become an impersonation of Michael Jackson with millions of people loving him for his looks and talent, Leo has really changed his own life.

How did you like the story of Leo Blanco? Will you even go this extreme and try to impersonate your favorite celebrity? Do let us know in the comments section!

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