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Lena Ash – A Beautiful Woman Who Cannot Recognize Her Own Face Due To Face Blindness

“Everyone’s faces are always hidden from me by a bright flash of light. Sometimes it is possible to see a smile or just the eyes, but never the whole face.”

This excerpt is from a beautiful caption of Lena’s recent most Instagram post, where she is talking about the rare condition of Face Blindness that she has since childhood. I happened to learn about Lena from a friend and an article about her, which intirgued me to contact her personally and she was kind enough to respond back and answer some of the questions with permission to publish them along with her pictures. 


Image Credits: Lena Ash (mountain_of_caramel) Instagram

Lena Ash is a beautiful thirty years old woman. She is a wife and a mother to a wonderful five years old son as well. Lena suffers from a rare condition which is known as "Prosopagnosia".

Prosopagnosia is a condition which is also known as face blindness. This condition which has no treatment to cure it, affects the ability of a person to recognize faces. This condition is genetic and it impacts a person from the birth and possibly will stay with them till the end of their lives. 



Image Credits: Lena Ash (mountain_of_caramel) Instagram

Lena had never really tried to figure out what she was facing utill the age of 30 years. It has only been one year since she was able to find out the condition that had impacted her life all these years and that will stay with her for a long time.

Till finding out about  Prosopagnosia Lena used to stay quiet and shy about her condition, with a worry deep inside that always made her feel awkward and self conflicted. She said that her parents also could never believe her when she tried to explain her condition in childhood and she herself could never blame them as there was not enough knowledge back then or nobody had access to google and all the information like we have today. 

Image Credits: Lena Ash (mountain_of_caramel) Instagram

Lena has a wonderful family, she lives in a small town in Russia with her beautiful family including a loving husband and a wonderful son who is five years old. Lena does face the issue to recognize her own self, let alone to talk about recognizing her husband and son. 

When asked about how it affects her personal life and relationships, she said:

"In the family, my illness does not interfere with relationships and life. I am used to my husband and son and I recognize them by their gait, voice, gestures. I often see my husband from afar. But I am always afraid of mistakes. My son does not take offense at me, he still does not understand that my mother has problems. My family supports me and we live our normal lives."

Lena's son is in Pre-school age and in order to remember him, she tries to keep tracks of the backpack that he wear, the clothes she put on him and she even keeps track of the extra clothes that he has in his locker at his school. 

She further added to her answer and said: 

"I am very used to this kind of life. I don't know how otherwise, prosopagnosia cannot be treated. And it remains only to come up with life hacks to recognize loved ones."

Image Credits: Lena Ash (mountain_of_caramel) Instagram

Life is not as easy as it seems with face blindness. For Lena her husband will be a different person if he removes his beard and she will not be able to recognize his face. She might not even recognize her own face in the mirror or in the pictures with different makeup, hair and style.

For Lena, recognizing voice and other permanent features on people are the tools that help her to remember her loved ones and close friends. Like for her own face recognization she has three major features that help her to know its her in the mirror or a picture that are her hairline, mole above her eyebrow and a scar at her chin.


Image Credits: Lena Ash (mountain_of_caramel) Instagram

Lena is now on Instagram and she is trying to openly talk about Face Blindness aka ProsopagnosiaIn her Bio on Instagram, she states herself as an Embassador of Prosopagnosia. She now talks about it with her beautifully captured posts. During a conversation with her she said:

"I am pleased to know that I can help someone with my story. There are many such people, but few know the diagnosis. The disease is poorly understood."

She has battled with this condition alone since childhood unless she found about it almost twent nine years later. She now wants everyone to know about this rare condition and for people to understand that those who might be seeming arrogant or ignorant whilst they try to say them greetings and they act like they do not know them, they should understand that they might not be doing it purposely.

Moving forward, she beautifully added more to her answer and said:

"I give all interviews just because I want to tell the whole world - people should not be afraid of their characteristics. We are all different and can help each other sort out each other's problems. There are no ideal people and in any situation it is important to be yourself. It is very important to love and accept yourself and others. Everyone needs support."

Image Credits: Lena Ash (mountain_of_caramel) Instagram

Lena has really inspired everyone a lot by sharing her story with the world. Although her condition of Face Blindness is really tough to live with, she has proven with her devotion towards life and relationships that nothing can stop one from living their best life.

Lena is a beautiful woman and a wonderful daughter, mother and a wife. With her intentions of spreading information about her condition that impacts almost 2 to 10 percent of people in this world, Lena is ready to set an example to be an influencer to give a message to people that everyone is batteling different struggles but they should accept and love themselves for who they are.  

Image Credits: Lena Ash (mountain_of_caramel) Instagram

For Lena the most good thing that came out of her condition was that she can not remember the negative persons or memories that came into her life. This for sure is a good thing to have experience and we are really inspired by her outlook on life and her own personality. We wish her all the happiness and success for her life and her family's. 

For those of you who are facing same condition of Face Blindness or you know someone who is going through this phase of life, make sure to be their support and do follow Lena's Instagram for further updates on her life and Prosopagnosia.

Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of you life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.

Roy T. Bennett

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