Kylie Jenner Appears In Controversial Leopard Print Dress Again For Her New Makeup Collection

After receiving a lot of Bashes and even after the prompt formation of an online petition to cut the part of Kylie Jenner from the WAP music video of Cardi B & Normani, where Kylie Jenner Appeared in a Leopard Print Cameo, Kylie has again made a come back in another leopard print dress and even launched her own Leopard print cosmetic line.



Kylie was accused of cultural appropriation after she appeared in Cardi B's video wearing the leopard print cameo

Image Credits: Kylie Jenner Instagram


Even after all the drama around her dress choice and appearance in Cardi's video which even lead to the petition asking to remove her from the video, where she only appeared for some seconds, Kylie has again appeared in a Leopard print dress in a recent photoshoot that has just been shared on her personal and official Kylie Cosmetic's Brand Page. 

Image Credits: Kylie Cosmetics Instagram

It is not just Kylie Jenner who showed up in a Leopard print dress and makeup. Her whole new cosmetic line is designed around the same concept as well, whereby every single packaging contains a leopard print design over it. 

Image Credits: Kylie Jenner Instagram

Kylie Jenner posed in different beautiful looks featuring the leopard print including the recent most with all of her face painted in the same print. She even posed beautifully with a Pixie cut wig, where she looked exactly like mother Kris Jenner.


Image Credits: Kylie Jenner Instagram

No doubt Kardashians have always been in controversies, but clearly, Kylie has shown that she hardly paying any attention to the criticism, or maybe she is using it as a public endorsement for her brand. Kardashians have always seemed to be using all controversies against them in their favor or to raise their fame and cash in their bank accounts. 

  Whatever be the reasons, either a blatant ignorance of hurting public opinion or genuinely a personal liking for the print and animal, Kylie for sure looks beautiful in her photoshoot and we are expecting a huge outcome for the newly launched makeup collection.

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