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Jono Lancaster Is The Kind Of Influencer We Have Always Wanted

Jono Lancaster, is now a name that can come up in suggestions on the very first page of google upon writing his name only. This world famous influencer had never been this confident, as he seems now.

Image Credits: Jono Lancaster (jonolanc) Instagram

Jono Lancaster was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, his parents were not aware of his medical condition before his birth and they left him for adoption as soon as he was born. Later on they had two more babies who were normal. They did not accept him even years later when struggled to find them and went to meet them.


The genetic disorder that Jono has been born with is known to occur in 1 out of 10,000 babies in UK every year. The major symptoms of the disorder include:

  • Lack of cheek bones in the face
  • Drooping of eyes due to lack of skeletal structure
  • Disformed ears and cheekbones
  • Lack of hearing sense
  • Breathing or sight problems
  • Cleft Palate

Image Credits: Jono Lancaster (jonolanc) Instagram

The symptoms can vary and be in the range of being mild to severe. They vary person to person. For Jono Lancaster, it came with deformed cheek bone structure and hearing loss. 


Jono was adopted by his foster mother Jean, whom he loves dearly and he shows his love for his mother very often on his social media platforms. Although his mother provided him with the best form of love, but for him, his childhood and teen years were not really good for his mental health. 

Image Credits: Jono Lancaster (jonolanc) Instagram

Jono who is 35 years old now, was never a happy person in his childhood and his teen years. He was bullied for his looks, kids will be horrified to look at him or run away from him and as per him when he used to ask his mother why was it happening? She would cry and that made him feel bad for her more than himself.

As much as Jono Lancaster wanted to have the time of his life in early age, he never really got up and stepped out confidently. He stayed in hiding and he never liked to look at himself in the mirror or show up in the public events.

Image Credits: Jono Lancaster With Mother Jean (jonolanc) Instagram

When Jono was approaching his 20's, one of his friends who became manager at a bar, asked him to start working at the bar. He really was into this idea himself despite being nervous about how it would end up for him. 

This phase of starting to work in a bar became the best phase of his life, as he gained the confidence that he never tried to find out in his chuildhood and teenage.

In the beginning, when he started working, people laughed at him due to which he felt really bad and decided to not work there again, but then his friend askd him to come back and stop feeling sorry for himself and he took another start with the same job after giving his friend's advice a thought.

Image Credits: Jono Lancaster (jonolanc) Instagram

For Jono, whilst working in the bar, every laugh or smirk felt like it was about him. But one day things changed, a person with muscular body came in and asked him what was the problem with his face?

When Jono told him that he had Treacher Collins Syndrome & uses a hearing aid, what that person said totally changed his outlook on the world. He said to Jono:

“Do they come with an off switch? Damn, you’re lucky. I have a wife and all she does is talk 24/7, and to be able to switch her yakking off…”

That night Jono laughed with that person on something that was not about him. This was the final call that made him feel like that he is likeable and he needs to shift his focus on doing something better and start loving his owself first.

Image Credits: Jono Lancaster (jonolanc) Instagram

After this, Jono went for doing the job as a fitness trainer and Gym was the place where he found his special someone named Laura, things started to change after that. 

Jono Lancaster, who disliked looking at the mirrors would now look in the mirrors and feel good about himself and life.

 Jono now has his own foundation that he is running under the name of Love My Face. He travels the world and gives motivational speeches and is bringing awareness regarding the Treacher Collins Syndrome.

He has also worked with children having autism and now he works closely with families facing cranial facial conditions with their kids.

Image Credits: Jono Lancaster (jonolanc) Instagram

Jono has also stepped against bullying. Even this year many people used pictures of influencers with different abilities with wrong intentions, which has sparked a really bad image and example for kids who should be learning to be kind with those having disablities. Jono has raised his voice against such acts recently.

Talking about bullying, he wrote on one of his post:

“ I wasn't bullied because I have a facial difference.

I wasnt bullied because I wore a hearing aid.

I wasn't bullied because I wore my glasses wonky.

I was bullied because the other individual had a hate/sadness deep within, that was slowly destroying them.”

How beautifully he has said it, and for the first time he is the one influencer, who is right to say that bullies have their own problems, there is nothing wrong with the person who is being bullied.

Image Credits: Jono Lancaster (jonolanc) Instagram

Jono Lancaster is really an influencer that we always wanted. I will be making sure to have my future generation read his story and get inspired from him and for the whole world to learn to be kind and confident like he is.

We are really thankful for Jono for contributing to this society. He has set an example, that will lead forever and make every kid confident despite of having any kind of different abilities.

“Your time is way too valuable to be wasting on people that can't accept who you are.”
Turcois Ominek

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