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How Trampoline Can Paralyze You For Life

Most of us enjoy winters and sun outside in our backyards with our kids jumping on the trampoline and having a fun time, But hardly anyone ever thought that even a trampoline could turn somebody’s life upside down forever.

Image Credits: Mercury Press Agency

Mathew Gaynon is a 29 years old hairdresser who worked as a hairdresser and was a sole earner for himself. Haircutting has been the passion of Mathew for a long time.


“A random little trip that was meant to be fun has changed my life forever.”

The above-quoted statement came from Mathew after he gains consciousness and talked to the sources.  Yes, it indeed was a random little trip that has changed his life forever.

Image Credits: Mercury Press Agency

Mathew went for a fun time to a trampoline park with his friend and her son. They were having a great time. Mathew whilst being on the trampoline tried to do a backflip but sadly he ended up falling on his head and his head hit the springs between the safety padding and trampoline corner


“I was laid on the trampoline and I just couldn’t move anything but my arms. It was terrifying.”

Soon after falling on his head, Mathew got paralyzed. He was unable to move his body from chest to feet except for his hands. This whole incident got recorded in a video as his friend was filming him at the moment.

Image Credits: Mercury Press Agency

Mathew was rushed to the hospital after his friend called an ambulance when he told her that his body was immobile.

“My friend was filming it and laughing because she didn’t realize I’d hurt myself, but when I told her I couldn’t move she called an ambulance.”

He was rushed to Salford Royal Infirmary where he was operated on for about 9 hours but after the operation, he was informed that he will never be able to walk on his two feet again.

“When they told me that I would never walk again I just broke down."

Mathew did not want to talk with anyone for weeks after hearing the unfortunate news. He hurt his spinal cord so badly that it has been damaged and can never regenerate the signals to his brain for the movement of his body.

Image Credits: Mercury Press Agency

Mathew wants to go back to his normal life now and wants to gain as much independence he can. He is now getting physiotherapy in Southport Hospital, where he is learning how to use his wheelchair and do tasks like getting dressed up. He is expected to leave the hospital by December 2020. 

He was the sole earner and independent himself and wants to go back to a hairdressing career. His friends and family have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise £20000 to buy a wheelchair for him that will help him to be able to stand to use his hands for haircutting.

Image Credits: Mercury Press Agency

Mathew is still hopeful for his future and said:

 “I don’t think I will ever get my head around what has happened to me but I’ve got to keep pushing myself on and get as much of my independence back as possible.”

As much as we are praying for Mathew to have his movement back with some miracle, we really believe that parents should be really careful with children if they have trampolines or when they visit trampoline parks. 

Life is very important and it is not easy to pass it with a lifetime disability.

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