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Hollywood Reactions On Victory Of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

This year has been one of a kind including the worse pandemic hitting the world and Elections 2020. Both these scenarios will be considered most related to each other because undoubtedly Trump’s major decline occurred based on the non-serious attitude towards the global pandemic of Covid 19.

Celebrities who kept their calm in 2016, took the duty of setting everything right with their influence in the 2020 elections. No doubt they have really made a strong endorsement and maybe their strong role has impacted many voters by the end of the elections.


After weeks and weeks of stressful moments and strong efforts, This year America was really made great again as Joe Biden won the elections to become the 46th president of America with Kamala Harris becoming the very first female vice president of America & not just that she will be the first woman of color to have joined the seat setting a double example of women empowerment. 

Though people were dancing on the streets with happiness, this year celebrities have openly come out to celebrate this political success and took part openly in political matters. We are going to share the most excited, emotional, and happy reactions of celebrities shared online after hearing the good news. 


Demi Lovato

Eric Swalwell

Meghan McCain

Kim Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

Kendall Jenner

Lin Manuel Miranda

Jennifer Lawrence

Lady Gaga

Jordan Peele

Padma Laxmi

Josh Peck

Chase Stokes

Chelsea Handler

Cynthia Nixon


Kerry Washington


John Legend


Chrissy Teigen

Kathy Griffin

Jeremy Pope

Ariana Grande

Laura Dern

Sacha Baron Cohen

Jack Quaid

Dylan Minnette

Jane Lynch

Elizabeth Banks

Aubrey O'Day

Alex Newell

Cindy McCain

Ava DuVernay


The list will go really really long, though we have tried to post most reactions that totally claim how powerful celebrities played the role and they just cannot control themselves after getting the desired results. 

Where other political persons like Barack Obama & Hilar Clinton congratulated Joe Biden & Kamala Harris, Kamala Herself thanked Taylor Swift in a tweet & Joe Biden also thanked everyone for their love and support. 

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

Kamala Harris

Joe Biden

Well, America really has made history by evicting Donald Trump and Electing Joe Biden & Kamala Harris. It will always remain a memorable victory and more precious one because this one is for the rights of minorities in America, for Black People & for the basic welfare of the country including its financial and health sector.

All eyes are definitely on Joe & Kamala, we hope to see the world changing for the better with the new President & Vice President of the Super Power Country America!

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