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Hilarious Comics That Describe Your Heart And Brain Struggles

There is one absolute truth that no matter how intelligent and active the brain is to figure out everything without being emotional, it can never function properly without the heart and its feelings. The relationship between our heart and brain is very complicated yet most strong. 

Nick Seluk is an amazing cartoonist who gained fame from his Brain & Heart Comics and now with over a million followers, he makes comics about many other body organs as well. Today we are going to share some of his best illustrations as per the amount of relatability we could feel based on everyone’s brain and heart’s fights. 


Let’s enjoy these amazing Brain & Heart comics and do not forget to pour your love to the illustrator Nick Seluk and to this article by upvoting!

  1. 1 When You Are Lacking On Chores Because Heart Wants Rest Only

  2. 2 When The Heart Is Productive Once In A While

  3. 3 There's Nothing Like Doing Nothing

  4. 4 When Things Are Too Good To Not Overthink

  5. 5 Never Ending Love For Friyaaay!

  6. 6 And Then The Skin Blushed The Concealed Secret!

  7. 7 Is It Figurative Or Literal?

  8. 8 Anything Works When Facing The Reality Sucks

  9. 9 Team Work Because Feelings Matter

  10. 10 Fighting All The Odds To Move Forward In Life

  11. 11 The Brain Is Literal Employee Of Heart

  12. 12 The Brain Always Know What's The Best For Your Heart

  13. 13 Boyfriend Vs Bestfriend Scenario?

  14. 14 The Brain & Heart Of All The Introverts

  15. 15 The Brain Has Got To Think The Negative Aspects Always

  16. 16 The World's Greatest Employee

  17. 17 No One Can Be Superior!

  18. 18 The Heart Is Always Good At Not Listening To The Brain

  19. 19 And We Thought The Actions Speak Louder!

  20. 20 Love Is Limitless!

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