Hailey Baldwin Bieber Has Inked A New Tattoo In Honor Of Husband Justin Bieber

From the most unexpected on and off the relationship to having the most magical wedding, The Biebers have recently celebrated their first marriage anniversary together.



Hailey Posted a beautiful throwback picture in black and white and many celebrities congratulated the couple including the Kardashians. 


Reportedly, one year ago before their marriage ceremony, Hailey Baldwin got ten tattoos on her hands with one small tattoo of the letter B inscribed above her little finger. 

Keeping the same trend of showing her love for Justin Bieber out loud, after their first marriage anniversary this year, Hailey Bieber has inked another tattoo which was posted by the artist who tattoed her finger with the Initial "J" for Justin Bieber.

Hailey got two tattoos in total, whereby one tattoo was inked on her neck, which said "Beleza" for the word beauty in Portuguese. Whereas the other tattoo was Initial "J" from the first name of husband Justin Bieber with a star right next to it.

Hailey got the tattoo inked on her ring finger, which made it more than special & the artist mentioned that Hailey Baldwin Bieber got the tattoo in honor of her husband.

This is for sure not the very first tattoo for Hailey, but this is amongst those very special tattoos that she got inscribed for the love of her life.

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9.30.19 ❤️

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Whilst there were many comments that were in awe of the love poured by the celebrity for her husband, many of the comments resembled the Tattoo with the ring that Justin Bieber gave to Selena a while ago with his Initial "J".

Some comments even called her weird and obsessed with Justin Bieber and we just rolled our eye out reading those comments, because why on earth will someone say that?

How can a wife not to be obsessed with her husband? Common! Justin & Selena could not work out does not give anyone the permission to start shaming Hailey for exclaiming her love for Justin Bieber who is her husband and love of her life. 

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safe place. happy place.

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No matter what divided fans of Selena or Justin Bieber say, Hailey Bieber has really shown a cute gesture toward her husband once again. It is high time for everyone to stop relating her to the past of her husband and let them enjoy the bounties of their marriage and love without having them read something online that might hurt their feelings.

We wish all the happiness of the world to the couple with infinite years of togetherness in the pure bond of marriage & never-ending love.

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"True love lasts forever." 

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