Gemma Collins Has Changed Look Further By Getting Her Chin Fat Removed

We all have known Gemma Collins for a long time, but we really are getting introduced to her new look now that she has changed a lot lately. Gemma Collins was recently in news after shedding around 3 stones weight. Her look changed a lot after her weight loss journey. But the Celebrity seems to be not being very content with weight loss only. 


Image Credits: Gemma Collins Instagram

Gemma recently told her fans that have undergone surgery for reducing her chin fat, after a fan accused her of using too many filters online to take and post her pictures. In response to that Gemma finally opened up and explained that she was not using any filters online to change her loo, but this was how she actually looks now because she has gone through some medical treatments on her face.


Gemma Collins said:

“Yes my face has changed a bit but for the better. I’ve lost weight. I’m feeling good, I’ve got time to look after myself. I’ve had lots of treatments at the London Aesthetics company. And I feel brand new.”

“I just wanted to show you that this is me, this is how I look. There’s been a few comments recently about filters but I have been having amazing face treatments done.”

Image Credits: Gemma Collins Instagram

Collins might have gone through treatments that have cost her more than 8000£ for the past two years, but she for sure has not kept her treatments a secret. She openly accepted having done those treatments and she also shared every process on her stories with her fans. 


Image Credits: Gemma Collins Instagram

Gemma even went for facials that were supposed to make her look ten years younger than her current age. She exclaimed openly about her feeling a million dollars after getting the facial done. The celebrity who is selling beautiful outfits designed by her seems to be getting more and more confident daily. 

Image Credits: Gemma Collins Instagram

Though many celebrities have changed their looks over the years, especially the Kardashian Clan, but they hardly accepted it or talked about it openly. We really appreciate that Gemma Collins has been open about her transformation journey whether it was face sculpting, vaginal surgeries, or weight loss.

Image Credits: Gemma Collins Instagram

She does look a lot different than her earlier size. But we must say Gemma you were beautiful before too & just like your fans we will advise you to remember to not go for too much in the future because real is always more beautiful than the image people create of themselves with surgeries when they cannot stop and later on we can hardly recognize them. 

“Hating our bodies is something that we learn, and it sure as hell is something that we can unlearn.”
 Megan Jayne Crabbe

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