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From Self Love To The Couple Love Turia Pitt’s Life Is An Inspiration

Born In Tahiti, Turia Pitt was just three years of age when her family moved to Australia. Born and raised in a loving family Turia was the most aspiring and lovely girl who was ambitious and keen to learn and do a lot as an individual person.

Today the world knows Turia Pitt as an athlete, an Author & Motivational speaker who is a perfect mother and wife at the same time and balances this life in the most precious way without sacrificing on her dreams and family


Image Credits: Turia Pitt Instagram

Turia Pitt was just 24 years old when she had to face the most horrific incident that changed her life, but it was changed for the good even after all the pains and tough times she had to bear for two consecutive years. 

Turia Pitt, who was a mining engineer by then and had started a life, joined an ultra marathon running competiton of 100Km via Kimberley region. This day was not supposed to be normal for Turia, whilst running from the woods, she got trapped in a bushfire which burned Turia alive and caused her severe burns that affected 65 percentof her body. Turia Pitt even lost seven of her  her fingers in this severe fire. 

Few years later, Turia expressed her feelings about this day saying:


"It’s been bloody tough and there's been massive lows, but I’ve managed to rebuild my life and I can honestly say, I’ve never been happier."

Image Credits: Turia Pitt Instagram

Turia Pitt was almost gone and had 99 percent chances of losing her chance on life, but this brave lady fought hard for her life and her will of living brought her back to life and she fought harder, Turia spent next six months in hospital and went for almost 200 surgeries and it took her two whole years to recover.

Turia was told that she may never be able to walk or do anything all her life and today she can walk, she is an author, a motivational speaker and a life coach who is nothing less than a live moving inspiration to everyone. 

Turia Pitt credits her recovery and motivation towards doing something in her life to her now husband and then lover Michael Hoskin. 

Image Credits: Turia Pitt Instagram

Turia Pitt and Michael Hoskin are one of the High School love that lasted forever, but what is more happening in this relationship is Michael's Commitment towards Turia. Based on the various interviews of both partners, it was evident from Michael Hoskin's comments that he was sure about Turia since the day he met her and they became a couple. 

Michael and Turia have known each other since 2009. Michael said that he was sure that she was the one for her and he will be spending the rest of his life with Turia. Back in 2011 when Turia Pitt suffered the tragic incident, Michael Hoskin was there for her every single day and as per Turia he was the one who kept her going and made her feel like "The luckiest girl in the world". 

Image Credits: Turia Pitt Instagram

In an interview Michael told the sources that even though he proposed Turia Pitt in 2015 but he had already bought the Diamond ring back in 2011 when Turia was in hospital and he swore that he will marry her only and she was the one to be his wife in future.

Micheal Hoskin proposed Turia in 2015 and the couple later on got married in 2016. Michael and Turia have two sons now and they are living the best life together which is totally goals for any couple to follow.  

Image Credits: Turia Pitt Instagram

Michael Hoskin even left his job as a cop back in 2011 just to spend his time with Turia during her recovery and to become her support.

Sometimes during these times, many people tend to leave you alone but when Michael was asked how his love and feelings were for Turia after her looks were bit changed, he made a lovely statement:

"I was attracted to her soul and her character. She’s the only woman that will continue to fulfill my dreams." 

Image Credits: Turia Pitt Instagram

"Believe it or not"  This very statement does not fit anymore to define that true love exists. 

It exists, It is profound and it is unique and it is not difficult to find as well. If you are pure for someone you are bound to attract purity and commitment from others as well. 

Turia Pitt is an example of self-love when we look at the way how she claimed her life back after suffering the most horrific incident. She lived and became an example. Today she is confident and successful and no one can deny both her qualities, with one more quality that never left her even after the burns that tried to make it happen. She was and still is beautiful as hell.

On the other side of love, other than the Self-love, Turia and Michael are again an example with Michael being the highlight because he showed that we can never love a face, Love is more than physical features. It is two souls that love each other and who know their love will not fade with time as they grow older & have wrinkles or even if they do not look the way they used to look and they have drastic changes in their physical appeal. 

Image Credits: Turia Pitt Instagram

Turia Pitt and Michael Hoskins have given us both hope and inspiration to become someone who is resilient, brave and committed to life and love. We should always be pure in out intentions towards ourselves and others. We should proclaim self-love and love for everyone either family, friends or a partner with surity of keeping it pure and without selfish and worldly charms or requirements.

We wish them both an everlasting life and love that keeps them nothing less than happiest as a family and individuals.  

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.

Victor Hugo 

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