Free Britney Spears Movement Seems To Be Bringing Something New In Britney’s Conservatorship Case

We all have loved the journey of Britney Spears from the years she has stepped into the music industry, but sadly things have been going really rough in the life of Britney Spears during her personal journey as a star and a person.

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After getting a divorce from her husband back in 2007, Britney spears faced some mental issues due to distress due to which she had to visit rehab centers. During that time period, Jamie spears who is the father of the famous singer petitioned in the court to gain temporary conservatorship of Britney’s legal and personal life affairs which was later on made permanent by the court and he got the conservatorship for next twelve years of her life. 

Image Credits: Britney Spears Instagram

During all these years, Britney did keep working and she gave out four albums, she became a judge on X-Factor, she went for world tours, and even launched her perfumes and lingerie collection. She was seemingly doing great with her professional life and she secured her financial growth quite well. During the said twelve years of conservatorship, Britney’s father Jamie Spears had control over her financials and personal life decisions. He could even restrict anyone’s visits for meeting the celebrity. 


During this time period, fans started to notice that Britney Spear was too much controlled and she deserved to have her own voice. As based on her social media appearance on her Instagram, people thought that her posts were managed by someone else too.

This claim was later on defended by the singer herself when she posted on her Instagram that people should not believe everything that they hear and later on she even posted some pictures of her with dates to assure her pictures were recent and she was handling her own account personally.

Image Credits: Britney Spears Instagram

Free Britney Movement started when it was informed from some unknown sources that Britney was being held in a mental capacity without her will and she cancelled her Lav Vegas Residency due to same unwanted control as well. Though the celebrity refused the rumors by posting a video on Instagram, even after all the clarification, this lead to a movement by fans where they demanded her conservatorship to end. 

This movement kept going on which was rather set aside and defamed soon as Britney kept posting regularly on her accounts and it was speculated that everything was fine. 

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 But things have sparked again as the news surfaced that Britney has finally spoken up about her conservatorship ownership. Britney Spears now has been reportedly wanting to get out of the contract that is keeping her out of control of her own personal life. 

Britney Spears does not want her father Jamie Spears to be the only Conservative of her estate and personal life. She has demanded the court to appoint a third party management team to manage her estate other than her father or the co-conservative legal employee working with her father. 

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Britney’s conservatorship has extended till February 1, 2021. But with the news about her demanding her personal and estate control back, we are hopeful that Britney will finally voice her own opinions and come upfront and tell the fans about what exactly has been going on in her life. 

It is also being informed that Britney’s family is in a huge war with each other over the issue of the conservatorship

It is not just Britney’s father who is being accused of controlling her life, but fans have now started bashing the boyfriend Sam Asghari for not helping the celebrity with her conservatorship as well. Many are doubting Sam Asghari to be from the side of her father to control her life.

People are commenting on every post he uploads on Instagram asking about Bitney or accusing him of being in control of her life with her father. Whereas on the other hand it was told from some close resources of Britney Spears that Asghari has made a huge impact in her life and she has been able to feel better and herself with his presence in her life.

It is also said that Britney is so in love with Sam Asghari, that she will want to marry him and have kids with him one day. People are even of the view that She cannot get married to her current boyfriend Sam Asghari because of the conservatorship contract as it controls her life. 

Image Credits: Britney Spears Instagram

Whilst we still are unsure of what is really going on in the life of Britney Spears, unless or until she herself comes open about it. But we hope the Free Britney Movement does spark and help her in gaining control of her life back. 

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