Five Things To Know Before Getting A Cat Pet

Cats look so adorable, right? If your eyes go all hearts when you look at them or If you are someone who loves these fluffballs and wants to have them as pets yourself or even if you want to get one for your kids or partner, you really need to know that taking in a cat is just like having a human baby with you for many coming years ahead.

They can cost a lot in the beginning and they require loads of care afterward. Therefore we are going to tell you the five tips before you buy a cat so that you can decide for yourself if you can get one right now or not. 

  1. 1 Decide If You Want An Adult Cat Or A Kitten

    Image by Denise McQuillen from Pixabay

    The first thing that you need to find out is whether you want to get a kitten or an adult cat. This is one of the most important questions that should be in your mind, even before deciding on a specific breed of cat.

    • If you are getting an adult cat, chances are it might be already trained for using the litter box and surely will also be trained for proper food portion and timings of meals per day
    • In case you are wanting to buy a kitten, chances are that you might have to potty train them and not just that they need free feeding for a couple of months before getting trained to have specific portions for specific times of the day.
    • In case of getting a kitten, you will need to get them vaccinated and these various vaccinations can cost you a lot in the beginning, later on, they require vaccination yearly only and that is not much of a hefty amount.
    • If your choice is an adult cat, then you must ask for their medical record as every kitty has one file with their official vet to assure that they have been vaccinated and cannot cause you or your kids' harm in case they are not vaccinated and can catch diseases 
    • There is usually one benefit of getting a kitten because you can train them only from a young age to sleep on their beds or to ease them into belly rubs or lap seating. Otherwise, they might not be into using their own beds or scratch upon belly rubs.
  2. 2 Cats Need Constant Grooming

    Image by Ys Min from Pixabay

    Your cats need more grooming than you can expect. Especially if you are buying a specific breed like a Persian cat or a Maine Coon.

    If you want to buy a Persian Cat or any other breed that has excessive fur on it, you need to realize some facts about them.

    • Furry cats require trimming every few months
    • They need to be bathed at least twice a month
    • They need their ears clean and their eyes can mess up daily which require proper cleaning otherwise cat tears on Persians can leave a dark spot which might not fade away later on
    • If you live in an area that is considerably hot you might want to keep them in an air-conditioned environment and consider getting them a lion cut every summer that requires removing all of the furs from your cat.
    • You will want to have their nails clipped every month because otherwise, their scratching boards might include your precious leather furniture.

    Note: This is not meant to scare you at all. You can do almost all of this grooming stuff at home, you just need some practice. But if you are someone who is a bit lazy & think cannot afford all the grooming charges, you might want to get a cat breed without hair like a Sphynx.

  3. 3 They Need Playtime Daily To Use Their Energy

    Image by Barnabé Kaucic from Pixabay

    Cats might seem like some old lazy grandma kind of souls, but they are not lazy at all. Any cat will only sleep a lot or out of the schedule for hours if they are bored as hell and they are not getting enough activity to exert their body energy.

    Hence you definitely need to play with them at least from half an hour to an hour daily, where you should make sure they run or move a lot. If you are yourself lazy then you might want to buy them robotic toys like moving or flying objects including butterflies, fake bugs, or heightened cat trees in various corners of the house.

  4. 4 You Probably Want To Keep Your Cat Indoors Only

    Image by Th G from Pixabay

    If you are going to buy a cat, then you might want to keep it as an indoor cat only, You must be thinking it is cruel to keep this wild creature bound inside the house but actually there are many solid reasons behind keeping a cat indoors.

    • If you let your cat out daily, you are giving them the chance to bring back home diseases and parasites like fleas. Cats can easily catch fleas or mites that then require medical treatment to have them get rid of the parasites. 
    • Even if your cat is vaccinated, it still can bring back home risky viruses like Rabies which can transfer from animal to other pets or human beings and it can also cause death. 
    • There are many wild animals outside that can attack and kill or hurt your pet badly. 
    • Cats are likely more at the risk of getting hit by a car when outside and they usually will not survive accidents unlikely the dogs. 
    • Your pet can even be in danger from other fellow people in the neighborhood who might leave something poisonous outside that can be eaten by your cat and result in death
    • Last but not least there are chances that your pet might hunt birds or other people's pets based on their natural instinct which can be another hazard too. 
  5. 5 You Will Definitely Need To Spay Or Neuter Them

    Image by Birgl from Pixabay

    The story of cats never ends at getting them vaccinated only. When they reach their adult age i.e. after turning one, you will need to Neuter your cat if it is a male kitty or gets it spayed in case it is a female feline, unless or until you are planning to use them for further breeding. Cats can even get neutered or spayed after six months of age.

    In case you are not planning on getting more kitties from your feline, you might want to consider getting them medically treated. The reasons are quite valid and specific.

    • Your cat can become aggressive if they do not get neutered or spayed. The reason behind that will be their hormones that are not getting effective and they pretty much want to mate every few weeks.
    • Cats can become really sad and depressed too if not treated timely.
    • They will start spraying or urinating around the house because if they are not neutered they tend to have a natural instinct of marking their areas because they can smell other stray felines who do the same outside your house premises. 
    • You might also want to get your female feline spayed because you do not want her to go outside and bring home the news of an extended cat family.

Hopefully, we have cleared every single point that can help you out before considering the decision of buying a pet cat. Do give your feedback if any of this helped you or if you are already a cat mama or cat dad, leave your own points if you think something should be added to the list.

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