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Five Things To Be Sure Of Before Getting Into A Long Distance Relationship

When it comes to love anything can become a possibility

Finding true love is never easy but once you have someone that really matters, there is nothing else that really matters. Long Distance Relationships have always been considered something that hardly works and most people think that long distance hardly works or even if it does the ratio will be really small. 


Whatever the opinions are, Long Distance Relationships exist and they are as beautiful as the normal one’s, and for sure those in Long Distance can proudly say they are more of an example of love and commitment than those who can be together daily.

We hereby are going to leave the five most important things to consider in a Long Distance Relationship either you are already in one or you are thinking to get in one because you like someone and want to make it official. 

  1. 1 Know Your Religious & Cultural Priorities

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    Regardless of the country you belong, you always have some sort of inclination towards your religion or your culture when it comes to your personal life. These things may not seem important when you are all by yourself, but these things can have a huge impact when you have a partner who belongs to a place which has a different culture or if he or she have different religious beliefs.

    Never get into a serious relationship in long distance when you know your cultural and religious values matter a lot to you or the person you are seeking to get into relationship with. Because if you want to sail this boat till marriage, you might wreck it later on when you both will get to live practically together and dislike each other's perspective or way of life that revolves around the culture or religion which you may not be able to adopt later on. 

    Rather than thinking, things might change, you should really not get into the relationship if you are sure you will not change these perspectives for your partner and rather would want for them to change only. This thought alone is enough to let you know things will never workout if you, yourself are not flexible enough.

  2. 2 Communication Is The Key

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    Comminucation is the only key when it comes to long distance relationships.

    It is quite normal when you are in a relationship and you both are living in nearby places. You can have outings or night outs together on weekends and close the gap of less communication over the week due to work and family obligations. But this is not the cae with long distance relationships.  

    Therefore you must keep your communication as continuous as possible. Let your lover  know that you love him or her. Leave lovely messages or reminders in the mornings and before sleeping and try to talk to each other over the phone or video daily even if it is for some minutes. Never depend on texts more than calls or facetimes. 

  3. 3 Plan Your Budgets & Meetings Together

    Image by Julie Rose from Pixabay

    Even if it is a long distance relationship, you both know that you are supposed to meet one day and take things further to have family meetups if you both plan to get hitched soon. 

    Make sure to sit down one day and make a plan about meeting each other once you two have officially landed in an LDR and you both have announced it and have fallen hard for each other.

    Take your diary or keep a google calendar together to make things more beautiful. Plan your meetups for every year and decide your vacations and stays and not just that you must  go beyond it as well! Be mature enough and decide a budget together rather than taking it individually. This will leave out the chances of burdening one party more than the other and you both will know how and how much to spend which will eventually help you both to spend lovely time without taking breaks of thinking what do I need to plan for him or her tomorrow.

  4. 4 You Both Are Enough To Understand Your Situation

    Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

    When it comes to love, both persons who love each other should be enough to understand their situation

    Yes there come moments when things become disturbing, you both might get into a fight or there might come some moments of misunderstandings where you need someone to help you both come back together. But never ever let a third person decide if you both are right for each other or not. 

    You both should know by heart if you love each other. Never let anyone else tell you that it will not work out. If you love each other and cannot live apart, then there is no other person who should be able to make you believe that it will not work out in the end. Trust your own instincts before getting involved and making things official. If you are sure LDR will work for you and you love the person then never listen to a third party who is not even the part of relationship. 

    Such people always make your relationship worse even when it is perfect, they seem to find mistakes in it. Ignore such advisors for your own good.

  5. 5 Never Get Involved If You Do Not Intend To Put Ring On It

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    Never ever get into a Long Distance Relationship if you only want to experiment it.

    If it is an LDR, it does not mean it will not matter. You should be mature enough to get into a relationship especially when it is an LDR. Never try to get someone involved with you if you are not really into getting married in future. It may be easy for you to move on if you started thinking, I might want to marry if things work out well. The other person might be seriously in love with you and they might be seeking it to become a forever bond in future. 

    Therefore, before getting into a Long Distance Relationship, always know your priorities, know your partner and let them know you will want to put a ring on it in future and they should let you know if they are not ready for a commitment. Otherwise trust us, it hurts more than a relationship which involved living practically with each other.  

    Let us know if you think all of our five important suggestions make sense to you, if you have been in a successful Long Distance Relationship that worked and you are married today. And if you are trying to get in one, we hope we have added some influence on your relationship, that will help you to make it more positive. 

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