Five Silly Things You Will Definitely Do As A Cat Owner

If cats could own the world and speak all of a suddent, Just imagine how much they will have to gossip about their owners and not just that, they will troll their owner to the wits of humour. 


Image by Sandy Muller from Pixabay

Below we are going to post five things that every cat owners does intentionally or unintentionally. If you have the love of cats and many purring friends in your home, you are going to agree with every single point this post is going to make.

  1. 1 Asking your cat for an advice

    Image by AllNickArt from Pixabay

    You already know you have done this. You even remember that exact moment when you were upset & caught your cat staring at your weird face full of emotions & there you go!


    You told her all the details and then asked her, was I not right buddy? & then your cat magically gave you the look that made you feel that yes you were right in the whole situation and now you can go on for the rest of the day without feeling guilty. 

    Why not? The world's most magical creature stared at you, you better believe your cat, who believes in you and take her advice and enjoy rest of the day chilling and snuggling with her.

  2. 2 Taking Pictures of their stupid poses every time knowing they do that all the time and everyday

    Image by Юрий Сидоренко from Pixabay

    No, you do not just click their pictures sitting like that, or sleeping stupidly every hour of the day, but you also share them every single time with all your friends and family telling them how cute your beloved cat is. In return those poor fellas have to respond everytime without mentioning how your cat always sleeps or sits this way daily.

    Even if they do mention it someday, Oops! you know you will have one less friend from your list.

  3. 3 Letting them sleep in your room knowing they will keep you up all night again

    Image by Luis Wilker Perelo Wilker Net from Pixabay

    No, its not only the mosquitoes who can keep you up annoyingly all night. Sometimes such annoyance come wrapped up in fur with cute meows & claws that can be biggest sleep busters at night.

    First they emotionally blackmail you by snuggling with you & meowing cutely to let them in your bedroom. Then they pretend to sleep like an angel under the blanket & as soon as you hit the sack, they need to go outside the room just to come back in again after five minutes of munching on food, using litter box or just staring outside balcony.

    So the catty knock knock & Meowllo! never stops & you just keep making trips to your door welcoming your guest of honours inside the room just for them demanding to go outside again and again.

    This struggle as a cat owner is real

  4. 4 Trying to prank them in order to scare them just because you find their reaction hillarious

    Image by Skeeze from Pixabay

    Do not you all cat lover love watching youtube videos of hilarious cat reactions?

    Not just that, you all have tried to prank your cats with wierd stuff just see their reaction & recorded it every single time. 

    Well let us tell you one thing, you may find it hillarious, but just know that there might come a day when your cat can talk & rule the world. You are going to go bonkers at the amount of revenges it will take from you to let you know how it feels.

  5. 5 Calling their name out loud to wake them up because its fun to have that grumpy reaction in return

    Image by g3gg0 from Pixabay

    Ah! This might seem a new thing to many people who have never owned a cat or new cat parents. But trust us forever cat parents, there will come times, when you are working on your laptop or studying for your exams & as you turn your hear & find your cat asleep, you just go for it!

    You call them repeatedly unless they open their eyes, yawn & look you in the eyes and curse you for those few seconds of fun you got by disturbing their all day long sleeping pattern.

    Regardless of all the unscheduled timings of cat bites, loud meowing & pooping outside the litter box many times to annoy the hell out of you, Cats will always stay dear to you just like a child is to a mother or father. 

    They just know, they can destroy your house & not get kicked out by you. They know that you will build them a new one to destroy again

    All hail to kingdom cats!

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