Five Guaranteed Ways To Lose Weight Without Doing Any Intensive Workout or Skipping Delicious Meals

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We all have those few fit friends in our group, who regularly go to the gym, use weights & do intensive workouts for an hour daily to lose the fat. You might also find them saying no to many meals you offer them just because it is not dairy-free or gluten-free. Is it, right?


If your answer to this question is yes, then buddy its time to realize that you might have tried hundreds of times to keep up with the gym routine or going for gluten-free food, eliminating dairy from your pantry but still, you ended up losing the motivation & not being able to lose weight.

Do you know why?

Well, the answer to that is because you were listening to others rather than your body. Today I am going to give you five guaranteed ways or changes in your lifestyle without having to leave dairy, or your favorite pasta to lose weight. You have to trust me on one thing before starting it, Natural processes take some time, but if you will not give up, you might see visible changes in two weeks. 


So Let’s have a look at five lifestyle approaches, that will help you shed weight without shedding your taste buds’ tasteful dreams!

  1. 1 Drink Loads of Water

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    Yes you have heard it before, and read it on many platforms, but you think it never works right? 

    It definitely does, you just need to change your approach towards drinking it. If you want to lose weight, then water is going to be your number one buddy. Drink water & not just 8 glasses per day if you want to shed weight fast. 

    No doubt excess of everything is bad, but drinking water will only have you visit the bathroom frequently & I guess it is totally fine than going to the gym daily for an hour and not getting results. 

    Note: You do not really need to make your water fancy or detox. Yes, it is that simple. Drink tap water if that is healthy and drinkable in your area. Just go for it. No detox or fancy splashing water required. It's that easy!

  2. 2 Break Up With Netflix & Sleep

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    We all make a pact to take 8 hours of sleep per day, but end up watching a whole season of Breaking Bad or Games of Thrones, right?

    Trust me breaking up with your screentime is more difficult than breaking up with your partner!

    But you really need to make a choice, just take a break from your relationship with your Mobile, Tv & Tablet for a fortnight. You may not be able to hit the sack at sharp 9:00 or 8:00 Pm from day one, but you will find yourself loving your bed and dreams in two or three days' time. You just need to set your mind towards beautiful dreams you will get to enjoy whilst sleeping.

    Note: You do not really need a fancy bed trip for your better sleep on your weight journey. Sleep on the floor if it's what you like or even on the road eh! Just make sure you are sleeping at least 8 hours a day.

  3. 3 Breakfast Is A Must & Yes You Can Eat Anything For Lunch & Dinner But with Some Precautions

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    Even before explaining why breakfast is a must, let me tell you one thing, having breakfast early in the morning must be your top priority. 

    No, you are not allowed to wake up at 11:00 am & consider your very first meal of the day as your breakfast. Try waking up from 6:00 am to 8:00 am daily & have your breakfast as soon as possible so that your stomach can digest it before hitting noon at your wall clock.

    1. You can eat anything for breakfast. This is where you have the option to eat any heavier meal as well. Go for it even if it's pancakes, waffles, or oatmeal. When you will eat it on an empty stomach, it will get absorbed & digested better plus you will be ready for next meal before noon without having any extra fat from the breakfast meal.
    2. After breakfast, you are allowed to eat anything you want for lunch but make sure it is cooked at home & is amongst the healthy vegetable & protein choices. If you were eating a plate full of pasta with chicken or fish or even with cheese, just make it half the plate, you can add a salad to have that full feeling you think your heart might crave.
    3. For Dinner Make sure to have it before 7:00 Pm daily. Eat lighter but you are open to choices. It can be brown rice, steak, or even a homemade burger. Just make sure you are not consuming it with soda, cold drinks & store-bought juices with artificial flavors & sweeteners & you are not eating anything after it.
    4. Now comes the part where you feel an urge to munch on something between breaks of three major meals just because you are bored. Well, hold your horses, buddy! We ain't going to stop you from doing that. The only limitation is that you can munch on dry fruits, fruits & veggies. Problem solved!

    Note: Your breakfast, dinner, or lunch needs not to be a luxury, or be photogenic. Take a chill. It is just a clean eating lifestyle. Stay calm & eat anything only making sure it's cooked at home & you are not eating excess just for the sake of the taste your tongue is enjoying.

  4. 4 Stay Active & Do House Chores But Make Them Fun

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    Now I know, most of you will say you said no workout!

    Who said I am asking you to do a workout? Your dishwasher & automatic machine do your job right? 

    All you need to do is take out your clothes & go upstairs to put them in the sunlight for some time. & then go back up and down to bring them back.

    Need groceries & store is close? Then get up & go on foot to the store. Enjoy the street sight. Take your shopping bags & come back home with a healthy walk every two or three days.

    You need a glass of water every hour? Why not keep your jug at distance, so you have to walk to get it every single time.

    Vacuum the whole house every day rather than doing it twice a week. 

    I am sure you must love coffee or tea. Guess what it is so fun drinking both outsides on a walk with your partner. Grab your coffee and head out for a fun long walk.

    Trust me all such small chores will help you so much, without your acknowledging it. Obviously, you might want to add more to these like dusting the whole house, ironing clothes daily, playing with your pets, etc.

    I remember that I used to stay on the second floor & I spent most of the daytime downstairs with my family. Now as I am used to washing hands frequently & use hand cream or deodorants, I intentionally used to put my stuff upstairs so that I will have to walk the stairs multiple times a day. Trust me I have shed more than 15 Kgs in 6 months, without any diet or gym & just with the help of all these five lifestyle changes I made as a personal choice to achieve my fitness goal.

    Note: Doing house chores also makes you responsible & your partner might give you a more lovey-dovey response seeing you actively participating at home. Such a perk right?

  5. 5 No Sugary Drinks But Only Cookies Or Slice Of Cake Allowed, Crazy Right?

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    I could never say no to coffee & Tea. Not even whilst I was dying to sleep but someone offered me to stay up for a cup of tea or coffee. I still cannot go a day without three to four cups of any of them both. But I changed taking them differently & it magically helped to accelerate my weight loss journey without workout.

    I left sugar completely!

    Yes you heard me right. Its been more than five years for me without having coffee or tea with sugar. I do not even like the taste of sweet tea or coffee anymore. & what are Cold drink or storebought juices? I do not even know them now. I mean I do occasionally enjoy a good glass or two of Coke Or Sprite but not regularly. Maybe once a month or once every two months. 

    You can do it too. Trust me. Give up your sugar intake in coffee, tea & also stop taking juices with artificial flavors or cold drinks on a regular basis. Might seem tough, but you will get a hang of it soon. 

    Note: You can still have cookies or cake slices, just make sure it is a part of breakfast or lunch & it does not involve going for a round of five slices of pizza or two cheesy burgers before having it. Eat cookies with your morning tea, or after your light lunch. Have all the dessert fun. Just keep it light but no sugar in any sort of drinks!

    You can thanks me later!

    Now above mentioned five approaches will definitely help you lose weight, you only have to become determined & eat homemade clean meals, stay hydrated & drink more than 8 glasses fo water, break up with Netflix & sleep better, Stay active & do house chores that involve you not sticking to the same sofa all day & exclude sugar from your drinks & life slowly & forever. 

    If you try on these effective approaches together, and find a difference within one or two months or even in two weeks, Well come back & comment alright. It feels good to know this lifestyle works for people other than me.

    You can be as fit as you wish to be, You just need to make yourself believe you can do it.

What do you think?


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