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Faces That Redefine Beauty With Perfectly Flawed Skin

Vitiligo is a skin condition where a person loses their skin pigmentation from some specific portions of their body and their whole body skin looks uneven. This skin condition is more visible in people who have dark skin but it is not in any way a contagious or deadly disease.

There are many misconceptions about Vitiligo including one major that is it can spread from one person to another through touch.  This is totally misleading and no vitiligo can not spread via touch and it is only contained in the skin of a person who has it.


Today we are going to share with you our top five Vitiligo Advocates and Influencers, who are spreading information about this skin condition and making it normal.

  1. 1 Winnie Harlow

    Image Credits: Winnie Harlow (winnieharlow) Instagram

    Winnie Harlow is a 26-year-old Model. She belongs to Canada and has Jamaican ancestry. Winnie gained her major fame after appearing in America's Next Top Model and she is a public speaker for Vitiligo as well other than being a model.


    Winnie was bullied a lot for her skin condition in her childhood. But now she has risen to disapprove everyone and redefined beauty once again with her beautiful skin and modeling.  

  2. 2 Lauren Elyse

    Image Credits: Lauren Elyse (laur_elyse) Instagram

    Lauren Elyse is a 29 years old makeup artist from Chicago. She was diagnosed with Vitiligo at a very young age, which generally was only on her lower body but it spread on her face when she got older. 

    Lauren Elyse who had no one growing up to look up to became her own role model and accepted her perfectly flawed skin. Laren now is a successful makeup artist and she posts makeup looks that not in any way hide her Vitiligo spots. She enhances her vitiligo and takes pride in inspiring people to feel confident about their skin condition. 

  3. 3 Mariah Perkins

    Image Credits: Mariah Perkins (worldof_riah) Instagram

    This 23 years old criminology student used to cover her face up with full coverage foundations to hide the huge white discolored area on her face. After many years of hiding herself and spending hundreds of dollars on makeup, she finally let go of her insecurities and she took off her makeup along with her insecurities. 

    Today she is a Vitiligo advocate with a growing fanbase on her social media and there is no doubt that she is more than beautiful without all that makeup she used to wear. 

  4. 4 Yvesmark Chery

    Image Credits: Yvesmark Chery (yvesmark.chery) Instagram

    “There were times where I would hand money to people at the cash register and they didn’t want to touch my hands.”

    Yvesmark Cherry was bullied for his skin condition that affected his mental health really badly.  Today he has worked with many campaigns like H&M, Adidas, and Puma, to name a few and for him, his bullies became his strength and today we see him as the most perfect example that your skin condition can never stop you from blossoming.  

  5. 5

    Image Credits: Tiffany Taylor (i.tiffanytaylor) Instagram

    For Tiffany, the vitiligo signs showed off in her teenage years when she was about 14 years old. She got insecure in the very beginning and started wearing makeup. Later on, when it spread to the whole body she got addicted to having spray tans to hide it which got really extreme. Later on after her 20s, she decided to quit using makeup and embrace her own skin.

    Today she finds herself more confident than ever before and she thinks she loves her real self now who is not afraid of others' judgment.

Every skin is beautiful and everybody is beautiful regardless of the different colors or disabilities. No one chose the life they are living in. Everyone is created by God and God loves us more than anyone can. 

Stop criticizing or bullying people based on their skin conditions. Every single person with vitiligo is beautiful and no they cannot give you anything if you will touch them.

Spread skin positivity and spread equality! 

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you"

 Rupi Kaur

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