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Easy Newborn Photography Ideas That Anyone Can Use To Capture Professional Shots

The desire to capture the memories of babies start as soon as a couple gets the news that they are expecting a baby, from sonograms & ultrasound images starting from the very first month of them being in their wombs to the day they are born, parents are always keen to plan photoshoots of their newborns. 

These photoshoots can be quite expensive for some people and some do not have qualified professionals around the areas they live, therefore they are always worried about not being able to capture the best shots of their newborns. 


Today we are going to share some images, that prove that even the most simple settings can help you to capture the best shots of your newborn baby. 

  1. 1

    Image Credits: Sathyatripodi from Pixabay

    The most simple and vintage chair in front of your door can be the best spot to capture your perfectly rolled cuteness with his elder sibling.

  2. 2

    Image Credits: Tawny van Breda from Pixabay

    Putting your baby upside down in a nest-shaped prop that you can find even online for a few bucks can be another wonderful way to capture him or her. All you need is to scatter some flowers or leaves around them or even a feathery rug if you can find it.

  3. 3

    Image Credits: Pro File from Pixabay

    Nothing is cuter than capturing your little bundle of joys by just placing a beautiful prop hat on their head. Try something like this and your shot will turn out even more fantastic. You always have the option to change the color of the sheets below.

  4. 4

    Image Credits: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

    This one is our most favorite. Do not get confused if it is not on number one. We are not ranking these photography ideas at all. We are just creating the cutest list of ideas. 

    You will love to take this shot with your baby on the hands of his father. It will look the most professional shot ever.

  5. 5

    Image Credits: Free-Photos from Pixabay

    Aren't the newborn feet too cute to handle. Rather than just saving their marks on a permanent clay sculpture, you can also capture these cute feet by making a heart shape with your and partner's hands.

  6. 6

    Image Credits: Madlen Deutschenbaur from Pixabay

    Now that we have already talked about feet, let us share another beautiful idea using flowers to capture the beautiful toes. This one-shot will serve as the best picture to even flaunt on your Facebook cover.

  7. 7

    Image Credits: Tawny van Breda from Pixabay

    Put your baby in the same position as the baby is resting in the above picture. Use a woolen hat with long threads on each ear's side and capture them either whilst sleeping or when they have their eye open. It will be wonderful in both ways.

  8. 8

    Image Credits: Karen Warfel from Pixabay

    We just loved this amazingly simple idea of capturing twins. Just put them on a white rug side by side and cover their bottoms with any colorful item of clothing and there you will have your epic professional like captured twins.

  9. 9

    Image Credits: Марина Вельможко from Pixabay

    Baskets can never get old. We already have many in our homes. Put in some white items of clothing and there you have your own no-cost DIY prop to capture your newborn in a professional way.

  10. 10

    Image Credits: Марина Вельможко from Pixabay

    Using the same basket that you have at home with some items of clothing inside it to make it comfy for your kid, you can put on their cute knitted pajamas on them and put a toy in their hands. This will be an amazing shot for sure!

  11. 11

    Image Credits: Predvopredvo from Pixabay

    So you have a little princess recently? No need to worry, just put on the headband that you bought for her months ago and her laying down on the bed with white sheets on it and capture her. It will be the simplest yet the most professional capture. 

  12. 12

    Image Credits: Virvoreanu Laurentiu from Pixabay

    Another wonderful idea to capture your baby girl will be putting her upside down in any comfy rug and dress her in a tulle skirt and a headband. You will thank us later for the shot for sure!

  13. 13

    Image Credits: Tú Nguyễn from Pixabay

    Now here is another example of a newborn in a knitted dress and cap captures by placing their hands below their chin.

  14. 14

    Image Credits: Karen Warfel from Pixabay

    If your baby has a big pet brother or sister, it will be a great opportunity for you. Just have your pet sit by their side whilst they are sleeping or awake and capture this wonderful moment. Your kids will love this picture when they will grow up and see how far their relationship with their pet has come.

  15. 15

    Image Credits: Cheryl Holt from Pixabay

    This cute little buddy in this picture is giving proof that babies are enough by themselves to be captured beautifully and get claimed as the most perfectly captured baby.

  16. 16

    Image Credits: Virvoreanu Laurentiu from Pixabay

    You can even capture your sweetie pie in their bed whilst they are enjoying the comfort of their blankets and looking at you. Just make sure it is a closeup shot and you are using portrait mode and blurring out the sides a bit and focusing the face of your baby mostly.

  17. 17

    Image Credits: Virvoreanu Laurentiu from Pixabay

    Another example of using just a woolen hat with long attached string to it, but this time you can use a prop, like a small bed, or you can even improvise and have your baby lying on a huge teddy bear for the same shot.

  18. 18

    Image Credits: Virvoreanu Laurentiu from Pixabay

    Another example of capturing your baby girl in with a headband only, but the only difference here is that the headband is fancy and with the huge attachment of flowers on it. You could even put some cute socks on her with floral prints to add a bit more to the image.

  19. 19

    Image Credits: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

    Never ever forget to capture them sleeping with you or your partner. They will love to see it when they grow up that how tiny they were in comparison to mum and dad.

  20. 20

    Image Credits: Karina Manzela KarinaManzela from Pixabay

    Last but not the least, if you can really go online shopping then you can find as many attractive props, as you can to make your photoshoot look even more professional. Just like the above picture, you can order different props that can be stuffed with flowers, feathers, or beautiful pom-poms and then capture your babysitting inside the prop.

We have shared many different images with you all, now you must stop worrying about hiring a professional and rather take a decision to do this job yourself this time and we are sure you will do great. 

If anyone amongst you has already done it yourself, share those images with us in the comments box and we will love to share it and appreciate you as well.

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