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Dumped For Being Fat Jen Atkin Comes Back Stronger At Her Ex With Title Of Miss Great Britain 2020

Jen Atkin is a 26 years old woman from North East Lincolnshire. Life changed drastically for Jen when her fiancee left her criticizing her weight and looks.



After coming into a relationship with her Ex-boyfriend Jen Atkin was all in love blindly with the man and they both were ready to get married in the coming years of their being together. During the course of time in this relationship, Jen developed the habit of eating unhealthy food where she would eat huge portions of Pizza and pasta the whole week including munching on family-sized chocolate bars after meals.

Even on weekends, the couple would eat takeouts only and Jen Atkin was totally unaware of the fact that how far she had come in putting on weight on her. 

As Jen gained more weight, she reached from being 14 stones to 17 stones size, her ex-fiancee with whom she was expecting to get married, dumped her by telling her that she was too fat.


 "The day he left I thought my world had ended - I cried for weeks and used food as my comfort."

She was so devastated that it took her weeks in coming out of the shock and the hurt that was thrown at her after being together for so many years. But this event that was a huge ordeal for Jen, later on, turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to her all her life

"I was devastated but it ended up being the best thing that's happened to me."

After coming out of the utter shock of the breakup and the brutal end to her engagement & four years-long relationship, Jen Atkin decided to turn her life upside down in the most perfect way, by coming up as a warrior and taking the ultimate revenge from her Ex fiancee. 

She joined a local gym in her area and she never looked back on life after that.

After continuous effort and determination, Jen came down to size 10 from being a size 22.

But this journey did not stop there. Jen thought to go a step further and she started to participate in the pageants. This new path paved a great success for Jen that she hadn't even imagined in her life ever before. 

Even though she started pageants as a fun activity and hobby, in the beginning, it became a deal of interest for her when she entered the top ten finalists in her very first attempt.

Later on, she competed for different titles where she managed to become the first runner up for the title of Miss England in 2018/2019. She became Miss Scunthorpe before going after the title of Miss England.

After some attempts, she took a break for a year and married the love of her life with whom she met during her journey towards being self-sufficient and confident in her own skin.

Jen who had taken a break from pageants, went back on her journey when her name was put forward for the competition of Miss Great Britain. She barely knew that this will be the most beautiful experience of her life and that she will be chosen as the winner of the title.

"When I started doing this it was just for a bit of fun, I never imagined how far I would come. Winning Miss Great Britain marks the end of a long and difficult, but also amazing, journey."

 She won the title of Miss Great Britain and despite the pandemic hit situation around the globe, this moment was really incredible for her. As per her, the pandemic could not take her moment away. 

"To Covid-19, you can take away my year, but you’ll never take away my moment. ✨👸🏼"

Jen Atkin became the 75th Miss Great Britain and she is absolutely proud of this milestone that she has achieved. 

"I'm so incredibly honored to be the 75th Miss Great Britain, representing our country alongside my twin brother who runs for Team GB. There were 45 Miss Great Britain finalists and I was lucky to not only win the personality award but take home the crown and title of Miss Great Britain 2020. It felt absolutely incredible, I'm over the moon."

She loves singing as well and soon will launch her second country single. Her first ever song received a huge response and was a great success. Apart from singing, she is a fisherwoman and a lovely wife as well.

Other than doing wonders in her career from being a competent pageants winner, losing weight to becoming a singer, there is one more beautiful aspect of Jen's life that deserves appreciation. 

Jen Atkin has come open with her body positivity post upon her Instagram handle and bravely showed her body having all the flaws, and instilled a strong message to women that anything is possible and no one can be perfect even if it is a model or a beauty pageant winner. All women are alike.

"This is me. Miss Great Britain. Loose skin from losing a hell of a lot of weight. Stretch marks from growing upwards and outwards and back again. A round face from too much wine and coffee. Tattoos from my silly teenage years. No makeup, no filter.
But this is my body, one I worked so hard for and one that’s got me through so much. Never be ashamed of who you are. Instagram isn’t real life."

Undoubtedly Jen deserved the title that she has achieved and she has proven to be a confident woman in a world full of people who are trying to normalize fake beauty standards and fake beauty itself.

If you are a man, never leave a woman based on how she looks. The same goes for women.

We are all alike and we are all equal. Body features, career, or life status can never make one human being any less than the other. We are all beautiful in the skins we are born with.

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