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Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Destroyed Again By The Hulk

America in the try to become great again made a choice that today almost half of Americans are not happy with. Donald Trump was elected as the President of America and in terms of creating history and making America great again, He took many actions which made him both A hero for one half and Zero for another half.

 Donald Trump has been facing the worst kind of backlash from the public and famous celebrities after taking the role of President of America in 2016. The anger has gone so vile that his Hollywood walk of fame star has been vandalized many times.


Image by RJA1988 from Pixabay

From being spray-painted to being hammered with a sledgehammer, this star has gone through many phases of reconstruction


This time the Vandal was nobody but The Hulk. Isn't it so thoughtful? Choosing an outfit to do the job because it is the month of Halloween. Remarkably thoughtful!

Well, the curiosity was just epic for police to figure out who the hulk was. One thing that they knew for sure was that the hulk did not use his own mighty hands to do the job this time, rather he did it with a pickaxe. The job was done so well that the name of Donald Trump was barely visible.

After a thorough investigation and looking at the video coverage of the incident, the police found out that it was nobody else but James Otis. 

Yes, exactly the James Ottis who did it before with a hammer. He again found the right time to do the same job of destruction to record his statement of angst towards Donald Trump. This time James was dressed up as The Hulk and he used a pickaxe for destroying the Walk of fame star.

Well, he not only vandalized the property but he also surrendered himself and was bailed out later on. James Otis, an activist aged 56, never stops coming openly and strongly against his actions and defends his claims quite confidently. Last time when he destroyed the property he said:

“I admitted my mistakes and am now dealing with my consequences, unlike Mr. Trump, who has never admitted what he’s done.”

This time when this news was circulated, the response from the public was somewhat hilarious yet alarming as most of them considered it heroic & wanted to bail him out for his great job as per them.

Either somebody pays for his bail or not, James Otis can do that over and over again for himself. He was charged around 20,000$ this time, whereas the cost for the damage of the Walk of Fame Star was more than 3000$ based on the quoted amount by The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

James Otis - Image Credits abc27 News

No doubt the funds that go for the construction of The Walk of Fame stars do not go from the pockets of Donald Trump himself, so destroying it can never put him through a tough time. Otis can really go for some other means especially voting to prove his point if he dislikes the way Trump works.

We will totally not like for him to try the third time being it the charm. But well, we do think his sense of committing such a felony is very creative yet again it should not be the way to record your disagreement. 

Let's see who wins and rules America this time! Till then stay safe and stay home if you can.

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